Xander/Spike Stories

Do You Hear What I Hear? ~ G
Summary forthcoming.
Dream of the Devil ~ R
A Xander/Angel fic with some Xander/Spike implied. Xander gets whammied.
I Love You ~ PG-13
Tara watches Spike and Xander, on their bed, and thinks about love.
Lying ~ G
Sometimes lying in the dark isn't all it's promised to be. Xander/Spike, Xander/Anya.
Nocturnal Emissions ~ NC-17
Xander is looking for someone.
A Part of This Complete Breakfast ~ NC-17
Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Spike ~ PG-13
The Spike and Xander Reading Series, Grade Eleven. Apologies to Shakespeare.
Vista ~ PG
Xander's recovering with help from Spike. Spoiler for "Dirty Girls."
When You're Dreaming ~ PG
Season 7 ficlet.

Domestic Piranhas

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Domestic Pirahna's Page
Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal. Except when they aren't. AU, future.
PG-13 through NC-17. Spike/Xander, Angel/Wes/Gunn, other insane pairings.

Sands of Time

Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
Sands of Time Page
Xander finds a new home with Giles, and a new relationship with Spike. AU, late Season 1 onward.
PG-13 though NC-17. Xander/Spike, Xander/Giles UST.

Small Fry

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Small Fry: One | Two ~ PG-13
Buffy and the Scoobs find an ancient, mysterious, magical artifact that they shouldn't touch. They touch it. Warnings for excessive cuteness. We mean it.
Xander/Spike/(Anya), Willow/Tara, small amounts of Wes/Gunn
Son of Small Fry: One | Two | Three | Four | Five ~ PG-15
They touch it again. Four more munchkins, and much diabolical shenanigans. Warnings for excessive cuteness and Wesley's 'Buy Me A Pony' eyes.
Wes/Gunn, Xander/Spike/Anya, Willow/Tara, Angel/?