Spike's Spanks

~ Saber wrote the first paragraph, in response to my saying something snide about her trying to get me to write naked Spike spanking stories. She taunted me back, so I wrote this for her.

(Oh, like that's *so* bothersome for you. The horrors. Having to think of)... Spike's bare ass raised in the air, a firm hand coming down across it. The smack of flesh against flesh, the quiver of pale buttocks that are slowly turning pink...

Angel slapped again, then cursed. "Stupid mosqitoes. You'd think they'd give us professional curtesy."

Spike glanced over his shoulder at Angel, then up at the slow steady trickle of paint, dripping onto his arse. "D'you think you could untie me yet?"

"No. You may have withstood Chinese Water Torture, but I *know* you won't withstand another hour of West Hollywood Decor Torture. Not only will your ass be pink, but so will your entire crypt."

Demons could hear the screams, for miles...