Reading is Fun

Notes: Written for luvxander for the Giles/Xander ficathon, who requested late season 3. In the library after patrol, they get caught by someone.

Xander was standing behind the counter, checking in books. They'd returned from patrol a half an hour ago, and once Buffy, Willow, and Oz had all gone, Giles had suggested that Xander help him get things sorted before the morning.

Xander hadn't needed to be asked twice. He'd done this often enough, in fact, that Giles didn't even have to explain how to check books in properly.

He glanced at the stack of books. Only a few more. Ten minutes, tops. He tried to not do a victory dance too soon.

Then he froze when the library door swung open and Buffy walked in.

"Oh, hey, Xander," she said, looking confused. She blinked at the books. "You're...working."

"Can I help you with something, Buffy?" He was very pleased at himself for not squeaking. He sounded almost normal, even. He was sure of it.

"I forgot my knife." Buffy shrugged casually. "Not the sort of thing any girl can say, huh?"

"Not any of the ones I'd want to be caught dead with," Xander babbled. "Er, or not caught dead with. Um -- I haven't seen your knife."

Instead of leaving, like Xander wished she would, Buffy frowned. "Why are you acting so weird? Oh my god. Giles isn't under there, is he?"

That time he did squeak. Thank god, Giles walked out from the upper level of book shelves, and said, very dryly, "I am not under there, thank you."

Buffy grinned at him sheepishly. "Sorry. Just came to get my knife."

"Yes, so I heard." Giles came down the steps, slowly, giving Buffy a very slight glare, which she didn't seem to notice. "It's in the book cage with the other weapons. I didn't expect you to come back for it tonight."

"Well, it's my favorite knife," she said in her little-girl voice. She followed Giles towards the cage, and glanced back at Xander. "Is he all right?"

"He's probably still getting over the suggestion that I might be under the counter," Giles said. Xander couldn't decide if he hated Giles for sounding so composed, or wished he could be British, too.

"Oh. Why, is it supposed to be a secret?"

Xander squeaked again. Buffy turned around, little-girl innocence melting into real surprise.

"It is? Then why are you two always kissing in the cemeteries when you think no one's looking?"

"Because no one's supposed to be looking!" Xander finally blurted.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. Thanks, Giles," she said as Giles handed her the knife. She slipped it into her bookbag and gave them both a grin. "If it makes you feel any better, Oz never said anything about the smell. Er... he didn't, he just said 'hmm' in that Oz-y way of his which means that... I think I should leave, now."

She gave them both a quick wave, but didn't actually look at either of them as she hurried out.

Xander let his head fall onto the desk. "Can I die, now?"

A moment later Giles was standing behind him. Instead of saying anything, Giles just kissed the back of his neck.

Lovely as it was, Xander knew he needed to interrupt this long enough to suggest they secure the doors. He got as far as, "Maybe we should--"

Giles slipped a hand around to Xander's front, fingers wrapping around Xander's cock -- which had been out, and erect, since Giles had unzipped Xander's jeans, pulled it out, and left him behind the counter to check in books.

"I -- squeak," Xander protested. "The door!"

"I doubt she'll be back," Giles said, easily. As though it didn't bother him that he was pulling slowly on Xander's cock, just moments after they'd been interrupted.

Then Giles stopped. He remained standing behind him, pressed close enough that Xander could feel how hard Giles was, too. But he'd taken his hand off Xander's cock.

"Wha--?" Xander blinked, and looked over his shoulder. Giles just grinned at him.


Xander turned, very slowly, to see Willow standing just inside the library doors. She grinned, sheepishly.

"Sorry. I had to come get a book and I can go away now except I kinda need it for tomorrow and I haven't read it yet and if I walk really quickly I can get it and be out and you to can go back to whatever and I was never here."

Xander noted that Willow would have had time to walk to the center table, pick up the book, and walk out again -- except she hadn't moved a muscle since she'd started talking.

"Yes, that'll be fine," Giles said, not moving, either. Xander wondered if the three of them would stay like this 'til morning, when someone would have to walk in and break the spell.

Except his cock would still be sticking out of his pants, and he'd really prefer to let Giles finish what he was doing. Not, of course, with Willow in the room - or even within three miles of the library.

She was still staring at them, eyes wide. Xander cleared his throat, and glared at her meaningfully.

"You too look really ho-- um, I need my book." Willow turned around and walked out.

Giles and Xander waited. A moment later, the door swung open again. Willow stepped inside. "I need my book which is inside the library. With you. But it's over there," she pointed at the table.

"Then why don't you get your book, and let us get back to--"

"Shelving books!" Xander interrupted.

Willow looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Xander, Giles was kissing your neck. That's not how you re-shelve books."

"It is in Britain," Xander retorted.

"We aren't in Britain," Willow taunted back. But she was moving towards the table, and picking up her book. Xander noticed that she didn't look sidelong at them more then five or twelve times. As long as Giles didn't touch anything, he thought maybe they'd survive.

Otherwise he'd die of embarrassment, then he'd kill Giles.

But Xander was beginning to think that maybe he'd survive the evening. Maybe, if Willow left and Giles went back to that thing he was doing with his finger, and sucking on his neck, and nobody else walked in who wasn't selling condoms.

Not that they needed any more, yet. But it was always good to have a supply on hand.

"Good-bye, thank you for visiting," Xander said cheerfully, as Willow headed back to the doors.

Halfway there, she stopped and looked at them.

"Don't make me kill you, Wills."

"Oh, relax. I'm leaving. Besides, you were just kissing."

Xander felt his entire body turn red.

Willow suddenly turned just as red as he felt. She squeaked, and ran out of the library.

"Kill me, please?"

Giles laughed. "Why do you think I make you stay behind the counter?"

"Why can't you make me stay in your bed? No one ever walks in...."

Giles was giving him a look.

"OK, just because you never lock your door--"

"I *always* lock my door. You lot simply all have keys, or some magical spell that opens anything I've locked."

"Can we have sex, now?"

Giles kissed him, lightly, on the lips. "If you insist."

Xander leaned in to get another kiss, and hopefully some more hand-on-cock, when he remembered what Buffy had said.


Giles chuckled. "Normally, I prefer you call me 'Giles' or 'Rupert.'"

"He can smell us in here!" Somehow, despite the dying of embarrassment and the fear that someone else was going to walk in, looking for something else she'd lost, Xander was finding it difficult to do anything practical, like push Giles away.

"Well, of course." Giles kissed his neck. Xander shivered. "He's a werewolf."

"I... you... he... ooooooh." Xander let his head fall back onto Giles' shoulder. His cock had taken over the driving, and he was pushing his hips forward in time with Giles' infuriatingly slow jerks.

Then Giles let go, and walked away.

It took Xander a minute to clear his brain enough to whirl around and glare at him. "What--?!"

Giles nodded towards the stack of books. "You've still several books to process."

"But I... you're evil!" Xander declared.

"And if you touch yourself, I won't fuck you at all," Giles reminded him, as he went back up the stairs to continue re-shelving books.

"You're evil and I hate you. You've been turned into an evil demon and I should slay you," Xander grumbled. But he reached for the next book, and had to turn it four times to get it oriented right-side up so he could read the title.

His cock ached.