Nocturnal Emissions

~ Written for the CYA ficathon. As always, thanks to mad poetess for the beta!

It was night -- the most dangerous time to be wandering around Sunnydale alone. Xander knew this, and told himself he didn't care. Told himself several times, each time with more determination in his mental voice. He figured he believed it well enough, because he was out here, walking around, at night.

He was armed, because he wasn't completely stupid... although he knew that Buffy and Willow would argue the point. But what he wanted was something they'd never understand, and he'd never tell them anyway so chances were they'd never find out about his nighttime excursion.

What he was doing, was looking for someone. A vampire someone.

And he was pretty sure that it was the single most brainless thing he'd ever done. But that was exactly his problem. It wasn't his brain that wanted to find the snarky, blonde vampire that Angel had offered him up to. It was his body that was screaming for Spike.

At Xander's age, he'd begun to realise that what a teenaged, hormone-riddled body wanted, it got.

All he could do was try to inject some practical consideration, like the stake in his back pocket. And the lube in his front pocket. He touched it, and told himself he was completely and utterly insane. All he could reasonably hope for was to get himself killed -- killed without first getting any sex, either. But his cock wasn't listening, and his feet kept walking him towards the cemetery closest to school. He had no idea if Spike would actually be there, but it was a place to look.

Xander admitted to himself, in the very back part of his brain, that he hoped that Spike wouldn't be there and he could go home and no one
would ever know what he'd done.

He didn't see anyone on the way to the cemetery, a fact which was making him more paranoid with each step. When he finally saw the gates
of the cemetery he stopped, and told himself now would be a good time to turn around and run home. But his feet took him closer, and he reached back, gripping the stake but leaving it where it was. His cock was growing harder -- and he spared a thought that his cock was into
pain, danger, and death and wasn't that just his luck?

But he moved closer to the cemetery, avoiding the gate and walking towards a spot along the wall several feet away. There was a rock which he stepped up onto, then he could see over the wall into the cemetery. At first he didn't see anything, and his relief nearly gave him the shakes.

Then he saw a flash of light. Moonlight? A blond head moving through the graves?


It didn't matter. Xander stared at the spot and waited. And he thought. Spike -- arrogant, snide, and a mouth that made Xander want to do things like leave his house at midnight and sneak to a cemetery, looking for him. Those tight jeans and bad attitude made Xander want to find Spike in this cemetery and yank him around by the collar, force him to his knees.

Spike would open Xander's jeans and pull his cock out -- give him one last smirk, telling Xander that it was still debatable who was in charge here. Then he'd move forward and take Xander in his mouth and start... doing things that Xander figured a vampire was old enough to know how to do really, really well.

Spike would suck him off, and Xander would start to lose control -- he'd grab onto Spike's hair and hold on, forcing Spike's head down when he wanted and not let him up. Vampires didn't need to breathe; he could suck Xander inside his mouth all the way and leave him there

Xander gasped, and came hard in his jeans. He stayed where he was, panting a bit. He hadn't expected to come so soon, but that was all right. He rubbed his cock through the denim, and thought about Spike still kneeling at his feet, and his eyes would be laughing at him for being so quick off the mark.

Xander rolled off his bed, and stood up. He took off his jeans and t-shirt, set the carefully-polished stake aside which he'd been still holding in his hand. He hadn't needed it this time; he always came before he could ever finish imagining the blowjob. But one of these nights he was going to get all the way to flat on his back on a tomb, with Spike between his legs, fucking him as hard as he could take it.

One of these nights he was going to run into Spike again, and he really, really hoped Buffy was there to slay him -- either of them -- before Xander did something completely stupid like think there was a chance his fantasies could come true.