~ Warnings: kink! medical examination kink.

Xander let himself into Giles' place - they all did, but today he was expected. He didn't have a key, but Giles must have realised that the Scoobies had all learned the trick of jiggling the doorknob just right to make the lock slip open.

If he didn't realise it, he still knew Xander would find his way in. All by arrangement, and Xander didn't even bother calling out for Giles as he walked in.

He pressed a hand to his hip, wanting badly to touch his cock. He didn't dare, because he'd been hard ever since he'd stepped foot outside his basement-room to walk over. His body knew where he was going. Knew why. One touch on his cock and he'd come, and all the fun would have to wait.

Well, probably ten minutes. But still, it was easier just not to touch himself.

Xander stopped just at the edge of the living area, as Giles walked out of the short hallway that led to the bathroom. Giles gave him a single, hard look. Xander's cock jumped.

Frowning just enough to make Xander willing to beg, Giles said, "Get undressed."

It didn't take very long for Xander to comply. It still embarrassed him, being naked in front of Giles. But he wanted this so badly, and they both knew it. There didn't seem to be any reason to make a fuss.

Especially considering how many times they'd done this. Over a dozen times since that back-fired truth spell had left them exhausted and naked and embarrassed, Xander had been coming over to Giles' whenever he could. When everyone else was safely occupied elsewhere, and they could carve out half an hour or more to do... this.

Naked, Xander stood in the middle of the entryway, waiting. His hands kept wanting to move in front of him, hiding his genitals. But Giles had seen them plenty of times, by now. Seeing him naked was the reason Giles told him to strip, first thing, while Giles remained fully clothed and watching.

Giles took a step forward, looking at him now. Not meeting Xander's gaze -- that wasn't what interested him. Instead, his gaze was kept downward; moving, to be sure, raking every inch of Xander's skin from the neck to his feet. But not meeting his eyes. Only studying his body closely, examining what he could without touch.

Xander's cock was as hard as it could get, and he had to force his arms to remain still, at his sides. He wanted to wait, needed to wait until it was Giles stroking and touching him there.

Finally Giles looked up, and nodded. Casually, like he wasn't having trouble breathing like Xander was. Acting like his own cock wasn't hard underneath thick trousers and the edge of a sweater that almost but didn't quite hide the outline of his erection.

"Get on the table," Giles instructed, gesturing behind him. The coffee table had been replaced, as usual, by a cot covered in a thin white sheet. A table in name only, but it suited their purpose.

Xander went over to the table, walking awkwardly and trying to make it appear as though he felt as calm and casual as Giles sounded. He went past Giles and told himself that Giles' gaze was locked on his ass. As he laid down, he caught sight of Giles and could see how he was staring. Xander's bare naked ass, out for the world to see -- if the world was inside Giles' apartment.

Settling himself on the table, Xander lay on his stomach with his legs spread as much as they could go without dangling over the edges. He didn't move as Giles came over and knelt down beside him.

"Hmmm," was all Giles said, as he resumed his visual examination. Xander watched over his shoulder, as Giles stared at him -- face impassive and distant. He reached over and touched Xander's butt-cheek with a single finger, pulling it towards him gently.

Xander had to choke back a moan, and rubbed his cock very, very slightly against the sheet. Giles moved his hand and placed all four fingers along the edge of his ass, pulling his butt-cheek back as far as it would go -- fully exposing Xander's asshole. Xander dropped his forehead onto his arm, and inhaled, deeply.

"I need you to raise your leg," Giles said, impassively. He'd tapped Xander's right knee, and Xander pulled it towards his chest. It lifted him up enough that Giles could reach under... just like he was doing. Reaching under and cupping his genitals. Checking them out like he was merely searching for signs of... anything. Something other than the arousal he found. Giles touched his balls, and ran a finger up his cock -- there was no way he could miss the effect of his touch, and his gaze. But his manner was impersonal, touching Xander and moving on with nothing more than a 'mm-hm.'

The touches kept coming. His ass, his cock, his balls. His asshole, with two fingers trailing a circle but not going in. Hands spread his butt-cheeks so far apart and for so long, that Xander felt he'd been reduced to just his asshole -- Giles couldn't be looking at anything else, and all Xander's attention was on that spot where he just wanted to beg Giles to fuck him. All the while Giles made soft, thoughtful noises; the occasional 'ah' or 'hm', reminding Xander that all Giles was doing was examining him.

Giles moved his hands, gripping his thighs and pressing his left knee up. Xander slid it up to mirror his right leg, and he was crouching on the table with his head down and his ass spread open and everything that he wanted something done to exposed and open.

Giles ran a finger from his asshole to the base of his cock, pressing hard. Back and forth two times, as though feeling for something. Xander whimpered, and wished he was lying flat against so he could grind his cock against the table.

A hand squeezed his cock, and the pain hardly mattered, the touch was such a relief. Xander jerked reflexively, shoving his cock against Giles' hand. Giles didn't remove his hand, as Xander might have expected. Sometimes Giles tormented him, sometimes he didn't. This time, Giles squeezed again, pulling Xander's cock downwards and giving him just a moment to feel as though his entire body might explode.

Then he let go, and Xander exhaled, hearing a sound of protest caught in his throat. His hips began rocking back and forth, fucking the air. Giles' hand closed on his cock again, cupping his balls and cock awkwardly and painfully together. Then Giles shifted his hand and quickly began to jerk him off. Giles' arm was between his legs, as Giles knelt behind him -- still with a view of everything. Still free to see and get to anywhere he wanted; Giles moved his hand back and forth hard and fast, jerking Xander off.

It only took another minute before Xander cried out, and his cock jumped in Giles' hand. Shoving himself into Giles' fist, Xander fucked his hand as well as he could. He couldn't get much leverage to thrust with his knees pulled up and the table's legs being so spindly. But he moved as well as he could, and as he cried out, shooting all over the sheet below, he felt Giles' hand on the small of his back, making small, slow circles.

His body jerked, and Giles' hand tightened on his cock. Gasping, Xander felt as though he could never stop thrusting, despite the fact his orgasm was already dying away. He continued moving against Giles' hand as his cock softened. He let his body collapse, still in the position Giles had put him in.

When Xander had caught his breath, Giles moved his hand away. Xander didn't shift. He listened as Giles stood up and moved away -- behind him, and he was probably still looking. Xander inhaled deeply, wanting to look back and see, but he knew Giles felt more welcome to look his fill, at this point, if Xander weren't watching.

He remained where he was for a thirty-count, then Giles said, "I believe you owe me a payment."

Xander grinned, and pushed himself off the table. Giles was sitting on the chair, facing him. Trousers unzipped, and expression one of haughty expectation. Xander crawled over to him, loving the heavy feel of his spent genitals swinging back and forth. He'd be hard again, soon. Didn't matter just yet, because he had something to do.

He reached Giles' chair, and crawled up to the fly of his trousers, pulling the fabric back. No underwear -- it just got in the way. Just one, wonderfully full cock, waiting for him.

Xander opened his mouth and swallowed Giles as deeply as he could. Every time he managed a little more -- no deep throating, not yet. But enough that Giles would always make those wonderful little sounds as Xander sucked him in. He was gasping, now, and Xander pulled his head back then swallowed him again, using his tongue to touch in places that would make Giles' eyes start to roll backwards into his head.

Xander glanced upwards, and saw that Giles' head was back, and his eyes were focused on the ceiling. Or maybe not so focused, Xander thought, as he sucked Giles' cock into his mouth again. Giles' breathing was growing ragged, and Xander knew he wasn't far away from losing the last of his control.

He began to play with Giles' balls, pushing his fingers into his trousers and wriggling them around until he had a decent touch. Giles moved his legs further apart, and Xander was able to slip all his fingers in. He concentrated on the cock in his mouth, though, pulling his head back to lick the head, and nudge it with his chin -- grinning when Giles looked down at him, glaring.

"All right, all right," Xander said, and immediately took Giles' cock in as deeply as he could. Giles made a strangled noise, and Xander tried to take him in a little bit further. Giles was beginning to writhe a bit, in the chair, and Xander tugged on his balls to make him sit still.

It didn't work, but he hadn't expected it too. Xander laughed, and Giles' cock slammed into the roof of his mouth as Giles reacted. Giles was gasping loudly, now, and Xander gave his balls one more hard tug, and let his cock slip out of his mouth. He took Giles' cock in his hand, and began jerking him off. He watched as Giles gripped the arms of the chair tightly, pressing down and up at the same time. His body tensed, and then there were those half-guttural, half-breathy noises that Xander loved to hear.

Xander jerked him off while he came, grinning like a madman when Giles slowly sank back into the chair. Xander found the towel stashed beside the chair and wiped off his hand, then Giles' cock. He gave it a kiss, and heard Giles chuckle.

Then he climbed onto the chair and gave Giles another kiss. Giles wrapped one hand in his hair, holding him tightly.

When he finally let Xander free, he looked down. "Hmm. Round two, I believe?" He looked up at Xander, smiling. "Your choice."

Xander's half-hard cock grew harder, as Xander smiled back. "I've got medical coverage. I think I need another examination."

Giles pinched him on the ass -- then looked stern. "Get on the table," he growled.