Cordelia -- Early Years

He's insane. He's sweet, and he's obviously in love, and he seems happy - but he's insane. Did I mention he's insane?

Who would have expected Xander Harris to one, leave Sunnydale and two, come to LA in pursuit of *Spike*. Spike? Hello, evil vampire? Pretty sure he's not the one with a soul. But Angel says Spike isn't a danger to anyone but himself - he said that after Spike tried to redecorate Angel's suite and Angel had to restrain himself from dangling Spike outside a window in full daylight.

I mean, yeah, *Angel* loves Spike. That's obvious. But Xander? And they've been dating for how long and nobody told me, before they decided to act like men and break up and move to another town and act like morons for awhile before getting back together? People ask me why I don't watch soap operas. Ha!

But... Xander? I mean, he dated *me* in high school. Then there was that thing with Willow, then he dated Anya... should I be insulted that he dated ex-demons, lesbians, and me before settling on Spike? Or does this mean after he had me he knew he couldn't have anything better?

Yeah, I know. It sounds nice, though. He's happy, and I'm happy he's happy. But - god, he looks so *goofy* when he stands there and tells me about some silly thing he and Spike did that he wants me to help deny to Angel that it happened. As if. I have to get my entertainment somewhere.

Goofy in a good way, I mean. He's cute - he's always been cute, and he's one of those guys who's going to be cute for decades. Well, more, if Spike has his way. But even if he got old and wrinkled, Xander would still be cute. I can see him, dirty old man at 70, laughing and being silly and... looking cute. Except if Spike feels what Xander does, that won't be happening, ever.

I need chocolate. Then I'm going to go watch them try to clean the hallway before Angel gets back.