Cookie Husband Porn

Spike pouted harder.

Xander kept his expression very serious. "You're not going to be happy," he warned.

"I'm not happy now," Spike countered. "Give me my cookie."

"OK," Xander said, sighing in exagerated resignation. He held out the plate. There was one fairly large cookie in the center of it.

Spike frowned. "It's burnt. And raw. How the hell--"

"I told you putting five of those little squares together wouldn't work," Xander reminded him.

Spike just pouted again. "I want my cookie."

Xander set the plate aside. "The only other thing I can offer is this." He unzipped his jeans, pretty sure that Spike was going to accept the substitution.

Spike raised his eyebrows. "I still want a cookie. Eventually."

"How eventually?"

"Soon as you can walk again," he said, then, "Either get over here, or untie me."

Xander opted to get over. Later, when he could walk again, he baked the rest of the cookies and fed them to his husband.

Then Xander untied him.