Angel's Love

I'm not so good with words. Saying them out loud, that is. Not unless I'm pushed to say them, then they spill out like blood across the floor. Um, but perhaps this isn't the place for those kind of metaphors.

I know what I feel, and I can say it every day - to myself. I'm not so good at saying them out loud. So I decided to write you this letter. Maybe I could say what I need to say, what's I've wanted to say for so long, what has been burning inside me for so long. So you would know, once and for all, how I really feel.

I love you. I adore you, I worship you. I cannot understand how I survived before I found you. Centuries of emptiness, of nothing, of a loss I never knew I suffered, because I had not yet found.

There have been others before you. Others which I thought were the One. I'd thought my search over. Then I found you, and I can honestly say they all pale - and I don't mean that literally - before you.

I don't know what I'd do without you. When I realised what it meant to be a Champion, I thought about leaving you behind. I wasn't sure you'd survive. Wasn't sure you could hold up under the pressures of fighting evil, messy and slimy and putrid. I wanted to leave you behind, but I couldn't. And you showed me what you are truly made of. You amazed me with your strength, and perseverance, and your ability to survive anything. Sometimes you needed a little pick-me-up spritzer, but hey, who doesn't? I don't ask miracles from you... because I already get more than I ever dreamed.

For that, I had to tell you that I appreciate it. I am grateful for your support, for everything you give to me. I can only hope I remain worthy of you.

All my love,



"Do we have any stamps?"

"No. Here, gimmie that, I'll mail it on my way. I have to mail some bills, anyway."

"Um, no, that's-"

"What's this? A letter to the Worry-Free Hair-Gel people? You know, you should ask them for free samples, they way you buy their products."