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Acoustic, or Love Without Accompaniment ~ Giles/Oz (PG-15)
Oz listens while Giles plays guitar. Wish!verse.
Angel on the Outside ~ gen (G)
Angel reflects on his place in the fight against evil after his epiphany.
Angel's Love ~ Angel/? (G)
A response to the Angelslash Valentine's Day challenge. Angel writes a love letter.
Cascade: One | Two ~ Wesley/Giles (NC-17)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
Wesley is dealing with the consequences of his actions. Doing so leads him to places he never expected to go, like back to England, and taking care of an injured Giles.
Close Encounters of the Mongoose Kind ~ Wes/Giles (PG)
Giles is in LA, and discovers Wesley has grown up.
Darkness ~ Spike/Angel (NC-17)
PWP, BDSM, bondage, pain, rough sex.
Dining In ~ Wes/Giles (NC-17)
Giles stops by to visit Wesley on his way through Los Angeles and they have dinner.
Dream of the Devil ~ Xander/Angel, Xander/Spike implied (R)
Xander gets whammied.
Examination ~ Xander/Giles (NC-17)
Xander and Giles have kinky sex. Hmmmmmm. PWP.
For Nothing Can Rescue Me ~ gen (PG)
POV piece.
Ghosts of Sunnydale ~ Giles/Oz (PG)
Giles is in England, having left Sunnydale behind him. Or so he thinks.
Guilt and Pleasure ~ Angel/? (PG)
Written in response to a 500 word challenge. Sorta happy... but hey, it's Angel. How happy can it be?
Into the Jungle ~ Spike/Riley (R)
Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Riley and Spike shared some wine and conversation in 'Into the Woods.' In South America, Riley reflects on what happened after, and what happens next. Dark.
Lantern's Light ~ Xander/Andrew (G)
Andrew tries to sleep following the events of "Storyteller."
Audio Version Recorded by Alixtii. Format: mp3. Length: 5 minutes 19 seconds.
Audiobook version 2.6MB. Booked by Cybel.
Like Demons ~ Wes/Giles (R)
Wesley has demons, and sometimes they're very close.
The Living is Easy ~ Wes (R)
Another job, another adventure. With a twist.
Lost ~ Wes/Oz (PG)
Oz encounters Wesley in a dark alley. Wesley's situation does not improve.
Lying ~ Xander/Spike, Xander/Anya (G)
Sometimes lying in the dark isn't all it's promised to be.
Match ~ Xander/? (G)
Game, set, match, Xander.
Never Leave in Autumn ~ Wes/various (PG)
Three bars, three years, one man with things to lose.
Opus ~ Oz/Xander (PG-13)
Set in the Wish!verse, Oz is trying to go on the best way he knows how.
Phantasms ~ gen (G)
Spike reflects.
Reading is Fun ~ Giles/Xander (R)
Giles and Xander are in the library after patrol and get caught by someone.
The Road From Home ~ Wesley/Xander (NC-17)
Co-written with Byrne. [website]
Wesley and Xander team up to fight a demon, and deal with something unusual. AU, triple cross-over between Buffy, the Horses of Different Colours series by James Walkswithwind and Wolfling, and the Tall Tails series by Byrne.
Sacrifice ~ Giles/Xander (NC-17)
Spells require sacrifice. Warning: questionable consent.
Say I Love You ~ Giles/Xander (PG-15)
Giles gets a present from Xander.
Scent of Life ~ Angel/various (PG-13)
Angel sits and broods, and remembers.
Silence in Reproach ~ gen (PG)
What is to be done when only silence is left?
Audio Version Recorded by Alixtii. Format: mp3. Length: 5 minutes 56 seconds.
Someone He Loves ~ Wes/various (PG)
Perspective piece for Wesley.
Spike's Spanks ~ Spike/Angel (R)
A very short piece for Saber Shadowkitten.
Stand With You ~ Xander/Oz (PG)
Xander, Oz, together. Short.
Stuff of Life to Knit Me ~ Wes/Giles (R)
Wesley is alone, after his friends abandon him. Or is he?
Succedaneum ~ Wes/Other (NC-17)
Wesley and a substitute.
The Summer of Your Distance ~ gen (G)
Wesley thinks about Buffy and what might have been.
Take Good Care ~ gen (G)
This is from an improv. The list was "vanilla, cotton, sympathy, ocean."
Twenty Nine Kisses ~ Xander/Oz (R)
Xander is keeping a tally.
A Vision Of Time Gone ~ Wes/Doyle (PG-13)
Wesley's dream lover wants something very real from him.
Watcher ~ gen (G)
Wesley and Faith.
When We Last Met ~ Xander/Graham (NC-17)
Xander likes Graham. Graham likes Xander. They live on a Hellmouth. Ergo, things won't be that easy.
Set in season four and assumes Anya went her merry way after Prom.

Small Fry

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Small Fry: One | Two ~ Xander/Spike/(Anya), Willow/Tara, small amounts of Wes/Gunn (PG-13)
Buffy and the Scoobs find an ancient, mysterious, magical artifact that they shouldn't touch. They touch it. Warnings for excessive cuteness.
Son of Small Fry: One | Two | Three | Four | Five
~ Wes/Gunn, Xander/Spike/Anya, Willow/Tara, Angel/? (PG-15)
They touch it again. Four more munchkins, and much diabolical shenanigans. Warnings for excessive cuteness and Wesley's 'Buy Me A Pony' eyes.


Surrounded ~ Giles/Xander (PG)
In the darkness many things can be found, but usually only those things you bring with you.
Set Asunder ~ Giles/Xander (PG)
Finding things in the darkness, Giles' turn.