Wes/Gunn Stories

Apocalypse ~ PG
It's one page long, with no warnings. You need a summary? :-)
Black on White ~ R
Translations of evil intent. And a blow-job for someone.
Divine Intervention ~ PG-13
Set before "Birthday." Missing scene for Alt!Wes and Alt!Gunn. Angst.
For the Mind is Hollow and I Have Touched This Guy ~ NC-17
Wesley gets through the day with some help from his friends.
Green With Envy ~ PG-15
A bit of Season 3 frustration for Wes and Gunn, and how they deal with it.
Inklings ~ PG
Wesley and the others are adjusting to life without Angel after being fired. Sometimes in unexpected ways.
Mary, Mary ~ PG
About as slashy as some episodes. Wesley has to cast a spell to defeat a horde of demons.
An Object Among Dreams ~ PG
Set after "That Old Gang of Mine." Missing scene, post-ep.
Octave, Sestet, Syllable ~ PG
Wesley reflects and acts on the recent and not so recent events.
Set after "Couplet." Wes/Gunn, Wes/Angel implied.
On Pain of Failure ~ PG-13
Set after "Billy." Missing scene, post-ep. Wesley angst.
Red Peppers and Wine ~ PG
Set before Fred shows up.
Wesley Rogue Demon ~ PG-15
Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Wesley's past catches up to him.

Days of Darkness

Days of Darkness, Streets Like Wine ~ NC-17
Sometimes even a reasonable decision can be bad. Wes story.
At Hands or Hours, Comes a Call ~ NC-17
Wesley makes himself a home, and at home, at Gunn's place. Wes/Gunn.
Saved, But One For Time ~ PG
Angel finds out what happened last night. Wes/Gunn, Wes/Angel.

Domestic Piranhas

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Domestic Pirahna's Page
Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal. Except when they aren't. AU, future.
PG-13 through NC-17. Spike/Xander, Angel/Wes/Gunn, other insane pairings.

Scene Shots

Single scenes in the lives of Wesley and Gunn.
Beside the Midday Sun ~ G
Beside the Sun in the Afternoon ~ G
Beside the Morning Sun ~ NC-17
Beside the Evening Sun ~ G
Beside the Sun of Dusk ~ G
Very slight spoiler for "Billy".
Beside the Sun at Dawn ~ G
Spoilers for "Fredless".
Beside the Rising Sun ~ PG
Beside the Setting Sun ~ PG

Small Fry

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Small Fry: One | Two ~ PG-13
Buffy and the Scoobs find an ancient, mysterious, magical artifact that they shouldn't touch. They touch it. Warnings for excessive cuteness. We mean it.
Xander/Spike/(Anya), Willow/Tara, small amounts of Wes/Gunn
Son of Small Fry: One | Two | Three | Four | Five ~ PG-15
They touch it again. Four more munchkins, and much diabolical shenanigans. Warnings for excessive cuteness and Wesley's 'Buy Me A Pony' eyes.
Wes/Gunn, Xander/Spike/Anya, Willow/Tara, Angel/?