Wes/Angel Stories

And They Dance ~ PG-13
Angel goes to see Wesley, and gets a second chance.
All In Good Time ~ PG-13
Holland Manners discovers there is work after death. If not life.
Can I Get You Anything? ~ G
Wesley is sick. Angel takes care of him.
Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis ~ R
Wesley is confronted with someone, and something.
Clockwork ~ PG-13
Wesley tries to fix things. Originally published in Horizontal Mosiac.
Cutting Cards ~ PG
Even Wes and Angel are capable of making their own fun.
Everything's All Right, All Right ~ PG
Set after Five by Five, during and after Sanctuary.
Going Gentle Into That Good Night ~ G
There is grief, and there is loss, and if we are lucky, sometimes there is more.
Set sometime after "Sleep Tight."
Mark of the Beast ~ NC-17
Octave, Sestet, Syllable ~ PG
Wesley reflects and acts on the recent and not so recent events.
Set after "Couplet." Wes/Gunn, Wes/Angel implied.
Parted ~ PG-15
Set after "Sleep Tight". Major spoilers. Addresses the "what next" question.
Providence ~ G
Set after "Provider." Wesley reacts to the events of the day, the last year, and his life.
Still Waiting ~ PG
Angel, Wesley, waiting.
Talk With Your Hands ~ NC-17
Unreasonable Circumstances ~ PG
Um. Yeah. Peglegs, twinkies, and vampires.
Winter ~ PG
Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Wesley contemplates the holiday, and how he's to spend it.

Days of Darkness

Days of Darkness, Streets Like Wine ~ NC-17
Sometimes even a reasonable decision can be bad. Wes story.
At Hands or Hours, Comes a Call ~ NC-17
Wesley makes himself a home, and at home, at Gunn's place. Wes/Gunn.
Saved, But One For Time ~ PG
Angel finds out what happened last night. Wes/Gunn, Wes/Angel.

Domestic Piranhas

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Domestic Pirahna's Page
Real life, in a world where things are a little bit sillier than normal. Except when they aren't. AU, future.
PG-13 through NC-17. Spike/Xander, Angel/Wes/Gunn, other insane pairings.

Lines of Communication

Broken Lines ~ PG
A Wes/Angel piece concerning their relationship. Or lack thereof.
Lines Are Drawn ~ PG
Wesley is still unhappy.
And Redrawn ~ PG
Angel's reaction to Wesley. Still no happies.
Until They Make ~ PG
Wesley realises something.
A Connection ~ PG
Angel needs. Wesley does.

Lucky Ones

Never Pay the Reaper with Love Only ~ PG
Wesley tries to out-run some demons. Wes/Angel implied.
I Would Give My Life For Love ~ PG
The next day, Wesley feels better and learns something interesting. Wes/Angel implied.


Stasis ~ PG-15 (violence)
Wesley watches the others fight.
Flux ~ PG-15
The sequel to Stasis

The Untitled Wesley Gets Closure Series

Co-written with Mad Poetess. [website]
Let The Punishment Fit the Crime ~ NC-17
After being fired, Wesley lets Angel know how things stand.
Parole ~ PG-13
Wesley reflects on what he's done, and what he wants to do next.