Without a Line


When they'd still been living in London, Ianto had gone out to the clubs every once in a while. Lisa had met him at a gay club, so it wasn't like she hadn't always known he liked sex with other men. It had actually taken him four weeks of pursuing her to convince her that yes, he liked girls as well.

They'd started dating and he'd been perfectly willing to give it all up for her -- Lisa had laughed when he'd said it just exactly that way, and Ianto had sat on the sofa and blushed furiously until she'd calmed down enough to continue the conversation. He'd meant-- but she'd known what he'd meant and she'd told him flat out that it wasn't what she needed. She didn't care if he went clubbing, if he had sex with other men, if he downloaded gay porn onto his laptop and jerked off while she was in the shower. She'd only had three rules, and none of them included exclusivity.

She'd insisted on him never, ever telling any of her relatives that he slept with anyone but her. He'd met Lisa's mother and had agreed whole-heartedly. The second rule came after they moved in together. No over-night guests, no matter if she was in China and not due back for two weeks. She didn't want awkward morning-after encounters with strangers in her kitchen. The third rule was simply that if she rang him up and asked, he'd come back home to her.

All of which meant that when Ianto entered the club Venture, he didn't -- exactly -- feel as though he was cheating on her. It had been a hellish several weeks; getting Lisa up from London and settled into the Hub, convincing Captain Harkness to hire him in the first place, and juggling all the little things like finding a flat and buying more of the suits. Ianto rather suspected the suit had been what had finally tipped the Captain over into saying 'yes.'

He had barely slept, barely eaten a full meal, since-- since before Canary Wharf, he suspected. It was hard to remember, and that was one of the reasons why he needed this. One night, just a few hours to lose himself and let his brain rest. Relieve himself of the many frustrations of flirting with Captain Harkness; Ianto had no idea if it would be easier to just give in and let the man seduce him, or if sleeping with the Captain would bring a ruin to everything. All he wanted was one good fuck, and the Captain certainly seemed willing....

Ianto paid his cover charge and entered the club. He wanted to head for the bar, but he'd used nearly the last of his cash to get in the door. Later, perhaps, he'd find a willing bloke buy him a drink or two if he couldn't find what he wanted without it.

God, it would be a relief when his paychecks finally caught up with the mountain of debt he'd accumulated. He'd been unemployed for two months and spiriting Lisa out of London hadn't been cheap, nor keeping her alive until he'd got into Torchwood Three. He'd handed over so much in bribes as well -- cash and blow jobs (and offers of more) -- as he'd hunted down Harkness and begun laying himself down as bait.

But it was done, and Lisa was safe, and Ianto had already found the professor of cybernetics in Japan that he could bring over to see her. More expenses to save for, and he felt a pang of guilt that he'd wasted £5 to get into the club. But he needed this -- he knew he did, after this he could go home and crash and sleep a few hours without dreaming. He'd have the strength to fend off the Captain tomorrow, keep him on a loose leash so he wouldn't lose interest but wouldn't--

Ianto couldn't deny he wanted to sleep with Harkness. But even that... Though Lisa might never know, to Ianto it felt like cheating. Purely business, he'd tried to tell himself last week, when the Captain had found him in the break room, one hand ghosting lightly across Ianto's arse. He'd been tempted to give in, let the man do whatever he wanted-- but he'd thought of Lisa, several floors below, and he'd given Harkness a brief but friendly smile and walked away.

Ianto stood in the Venture's entryway and looked around the club. The dance floor was off to the left, quite packed this late in the evening. The bar and tables were similarly crowded; Ianto was pleased. Should be easy to find someone without having to endure the so-called niceties of conversation. He pressed his way past a group of men standing in the doorway talking, not paying attention when three different hands touched his arse. His jeans were tight for a reason; if he hadn't wanted to get groped by strangers he would have stayed home.

He went directly towards the backrooms, not caring if anyone noticed. What he wanted was there -- free, anonymous, hard and dirty sex. His cock in somebody's willing mouth and he could forget himself.

He lost track of the hands that touched him, front and back, as he made his way through the crowd. Soon he was at the doorway leading off to the hallway; the walls were covered in neon graffiti, names and four-letter words scrawled by half-wits and drunks. Ianto walked down the hall, glancing in at the first room. Three men, already well-occupied; he walked past and looked in the next. There was a man on his knees, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Another was just zipping up his trousers. Ianto paused, waiting to see if they would head off together. The man on his knees looked up and him and grinned.

"Well, come on, then, lovely. Get it out and let's see what we have." The man waved Ianto over, long, slender fingers that made Ianto want to get them wrapped around his cock as quickly as possible. Lips, flushed and red from sucking, and Ianto was getting hard just looking at him. He barely gave the other man a thought as he left the room; Ianto took up a position in front of the man on his knees, and brushed one hand through the man's thick, black curls.

The man peered up at him, brown eyes and olive skin reminding Ianto of the boy in Accounting -- Aamir, who'd followed Lisa for months offering to carry her files and fetch her coffee. He'd been crushed when Lisa hooked up with Ianto, and had nearly choked on his tongue when Ianto had playfully offered to share.

Ianto knocked those thoughts away -- Aamir was dead, now, and he didn't need to know this man's name or think about who he looked like. Ianto unzipped his trousers and the man caught his hands. Ianto let him pull Ianto's cock out and sighed, closing his eyes, as lips closed around him.

He held himself still as the man began working his cock, smooth and practised, and Ianto was grateful for it. No awkward first-timers, not in a back room as this one -- no teeth or spitting or attempts to exchange names and numbers. Just a blow job, and Ianto's cock grew fully hard in the other man's mouth. He held himself still as he could, trying not to thrust forward, but all he wanted was to bury his cock in the other man's throat. He rested his hand on the man's shoulder, distracting himself from the need to grab and hold.

He heard footsteps, and felt a hand on his hip. Ianto nodded, briefly, and fingers slipped into his waistband, pulling down his jeans. Ianto moaned as the cold air bit into his flesh, opening his eyes long enough to see the man in front of him exchanging a look with the man who'd come up behind Ianto. Whatever he saw must have been encouraging, for the man turned his attention back to Ianto's cock, working it with tongue and hands, pulling at him and tugging on his balls until Ianto thought he would come before the man behind him had a chance to fuck him.

He felt a finger on his arse, and he scrambled for his jacket pocket. He pulled out a condom and handed it backwards; the man took it and Ianto heard the sound of plastic tearing. He dropped his head forward, spreading his feet apart as best he could, knees locked together by his jeans, shoved down to his thighs.

Another touch to his arse, cold and slick, and then the unmistakable sounds of a fist rubbing at a condom-slick cock. Ianto groaned, hands clenching at the man's shoulders before him, then suddenly there it was -- a cock at his arse, touching briefly then sliding in, slowly. Ianto held his breath for a second, tensing, then let the air out and relaxed his muscles.

The man's cock moved deeper inside him, and Ianto, for one moment, held himself completely still. His cock fully encased in another man's mouth, his arse taking another man's cock. Ianto moaned again, then demanded, "Fuck me." The man behind him thrust forward, nearly knocking Ianto into the man on his knees. They caught their balance, then Ianto was losing his mind. The mouth on his cock was still working, hot and wet, licking at him and sucking him deep. It was matched by the hard, furious thrusts of the cock in his arse, a hand on Ianto's hip to hold him upright.

He wasn't going to last, and didn't care -- didn't have to last, didn't have to do anything but stand there and take it. He felt the beginning of his orgasm hit him, let his head fall backwards and he reached forward blindly, stroking the man's cheek in warning. For a second he thought the man wasn't going to pull away, then the mouth was gone and two hands -- three, stroking him, jerking him and wringing out every last drop of his cum.

Ianto fell backwards a half-step, looking down at the man on his knees, face splattered with cum and beaming contentedly. As Ianto watched, he raised his fingers and wiped his cheek, then licked his fingers clean. Then the man fucking Ianto slammed into him harder, and Ianto had to reach out and steady himself with hands on the shoulders of the man who'd just sucked him off.

He couldn't tell how long the man fucking him would last -- Ianto was perfectly willing to stand there all night, letting him or others like him take their turn. Realistically he knew his legs wouldn't hold out, but his brain was finally shutting down, and he wanted to seize the respite with both hands and never let it go.

"Come on," Ianto urged. "Fuck me harder!"

The command seemed to do the trick; the man yanked Ianto back, one arm around his chest to hold him upright and fucking him as hard as he could; Ianto wished he'd been closer to a wall so he could have braced himself and let the man really have at him. As it was, the man still crouched at his feet seemed willing to serve as a bolster, watching as Ianto let himself get fucked.

Then he heard it; hard, gasping breaths and the arm around his chest squeezed tighter; one hard thrust, then a second, and the man sucked back a shout as he came. Ianto stood there, half-collapsed in the man's hold as the man's orgasm wrung him dry.

"That was gorgeous," said the man on his knees, and Ianto blinked down at him. Brain at half-mast, cock at a quarter, and Ianto wondered if he could spare the time to dance and drink and come back for another round.

"You don't know the half of it," said a voice from over his shoulder -- and Ianto felt his blood freeze. He took a step forward, cock slipping from his arse, and spun slowly around. Captain Jack Harkness was standing there, disposing of the used condom. Ianto's mind could only notice that he'd dressed for clubbing -- a shirt and jeans he'd never seen before, and dear God the jeans were open, his cock still out and softening, and... Captain Harkness had just fucked him.

"You followed me?" Ianto asked, feeling numb.

"Oops." The man on his knees rose quickly. "I was never here, girls." He patted Ianto on the shoulder and left, clearly thinking he'd become part of a lovers' quarrel.

"Don't be sorry; you have a wonderful mouth," Jack told the man as he left, giving him a lascivious wink.

Ianto didn't move as the man disappeared out the doorway. "You followed me?" he asked again, and if Harkness was watching him this close, did that mean -- what else had he seen? What else would he see?

But the Captain shrugged. "I was in the neighborhood, and saw a familiar face ducking into a club known for its dance floor and friendly service." He smiled. "If you'd invited me along, I would have said yes." He took a step forward, doing up his trousers, tucking himself in unconcernedly as though he hadn't just fucked his tea boy in a club.

Ianto jolted, and quickly drew up his jeans. He felt himself blushing, and stammered for something intelligent to say. "I just...I was trying... If I'd invited you anywhere it wouldn't have been to here," he said, then shook his head. The last thing he needed was to trigger the Captain's suspicions. But he'd come here to stop thinking and it had worked -- exhaustion and stress and sex all colliding to turn his brains to jelly just when he needed them most.

Just his luck to get what he wanted, exactly when he didn't need it.

"I only meant...we wouldn't have needed to...." He waved a hand at the club, trying to figure out a way to speak coherently. "It's just sex, here." Ianto wished he'd brought his gun, so he could shoot himself.

The Captain grinned. "Did I ever give you the impression I wasn't up for 'just sex'?"

Ianto sighed. "Anonymously," he said, dragging out a bit of truth to offer, knowing it would help disguise the rest of his lies. "Sometimes it's easier when it's no one you know."

Harkness laughed suddenly. "Ianto, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with strangers in a club. Or a bus station. Or the front courtyard of a royal palace. I am all in favor of sex with strangers. Or with friends, co-workers, professionals... You don't have to explain this to me." Still smiling, he walked forward and put his hand on Ianto's arm, just above the elbow. Ianto was reminded of how tightly those fingers had held his hips while Harkness had fucked him.

It occurred to him that if he'd had a gun, maybe he could shoot the Captain. Because despite what he'd said, apparently Ianto did have to explain it to him-- he'd come here looking for just that, sex with a stranger, and had been fucked by Harkness instead.

But Ianto suddenly realised that what the Captain was offering him wasn't just a night of meaningless sex, but the chance for a repeat. What Ianto had come here for; a fuck to shut his brain off, but without the £5 cover charge, or the need to even leave the Hub. He had guilt and fear enough concerning Lisa that maybe in the end it wouldn't matter if he had sex with the Captain or a host of strange men in bars.

Ianto's cock twitched, and he wondered just how fucked he was.

"The question is, do you mind sex with someone you know?" Harkness asked quietly, and there was no mistaking the meaning behind the words. Ianto met the man's gaze as steadily as he could.

He'd flirted, led the Captain on, deflected the other man's seductions only so far as to keep him interested and distracted. To keep him from firing Ianto for failing to live up to his promises. Apparently it was make or break time.

Ianto nodded. "When it's someone I know, I do occasionally require dinner beforehand." He'd almost said 'breakfast' and changed it quickly. Lisa hadn't liked it when he'd stayed over at someone else's flat, and he'd only done so when he'd fallen asleep. And with never bringing anyone home, he'd only ever had breakfast with her.

But he hadn't had much cash for groceries, lately, and if he was going to do this he figured he might as well get that much more out of it.

Captain Harkness was smiling, delightedly. He put his arm across Ianto's shoulders and drew him around, walking him towards the doorway. "I can do dinner," he said, then paused. "Well, I can do cold pizza at the Hub. Leftover from lunch." The lunch Ianto had ordered for them, and the way Harkness was smiling, as if sheepishly, meant he knew exactly what he was offering.

Ianto rolled his eyes, and forced a casual smile. "I suppose as long as Torchwood pays for the dinner, I can do the actual ordering. You never remember to ask them to leave the onions off, anyhow." He let Jack steer him out of the room and down the hallway.

"Hey, I like onions!"

"Nobody else does, sir," Ianto said, slipping easily back into the role he'd created. "And you never order Tosh's pineapple and ham."

Harkness made a disgusted face. "Did I ever tell you about the time I was held prisoner by aliens that looked exactly like slices of pineapple? You'd never want to eat pineapple and ham pizza again, either."

Ianto shook his head, not sure if he believed the claim or not, and not really caring. His stomach grumbled at the thought of food, and his cock was twitching with interest at the thought of another good fucking.

He let those two thoughts lead him out of the club and towards his car, and ignored the whispering voice in his ear that said: rule number four. Don't ever hurt me, Ianto. Once you tell me you love me, don't ever break my heart.

Ianto glanced up at the sky for a moment and looked at the stars. The night had grown cold, and he shivered. Then he got into his car with Captain Harkness, and drove them back to the Hub.

the end