"You want me to what?"

Jack repeated himself in a calm tone. "Just go to the party, figure out which one is the Rfali and right before it leaves, slip it the sedative. We'll collect it a few minutes later. It's simple."

Gwen glared at Jack. She'd worked for Torchwood long enough to not trust Jack when he said something was 'simple.'

"Why do I have to be the one? I hate these sort of things."

"We sent Tosh last time, but she sticks out like a sore thumb. The alien caught on right away and slipped out before we could catch it." Jack made it sound...reasonable. Simple.

Gwen narrowed her eyes.

"Besides," Jack grinned. "This should be right up your alley. Police work! Going undercover to ferret out the bad guys."

Gwen wasn't having any. "I was never an undercover detective, Jack. I walked a beat. In uniform. You're only saying it's right up my alley because I'm a girl."

Jack just shrugged. "It isn't like we can send Owen."

Stifling a giggle at the image Jack's words conveyed, Gwen had to fight to regain her annoyance. Then she had what she thought was an absolutely brilliant idea. "Send Ianto! He'd do just fine. I bet--"

"I can't." Jack's expression had gone determined, almost...desperate.

"Why not? He'd be perfect, better than me, even." And it was true. Ianto could pass the scrunity of the other party-goers with ease, and Gwen would bet anything that Ianto would even enjoy himself.

Jack gave her a very slight begging look, then said, "Last time we sent him, he bought £200 worth of Tupperware."

Gwen blinked. Well, that would explain why everything in the break room had suddenly got stored in matching containers. It would also explain the frightening poster which promised retribution to anyone who lost a container or lid, or failed to store them properly matched up.

She looked at Jack, and understanding dawned further. "The alien...it goes to candle parties too, doesn't it?"

Jack nodded, woefully.

She patted his arm. "I'll do it. But I expect to get dibs on all the chocolate iced donuts for the next month."