Jack ex Machina


Ianto stood easily in Jack's office, waiting patiently for Jack to do whatever it was he was going to do next. One small corner of his mind wondered when it had become easy to stand naked anywhere in the Hub, much less an office with large windows for walls.

Repeated exposure, his mind whispered, and he fought back a smile.

In front of him, Jack was looking him up and down consideringly. Again Ianto suppressed a smile; despite all his experience with sex, Jack was never one for in-depth planning. Instead he tended to come up with an idea or two then fly by the seat of his pants. Ianto couldn't say he minded, exactly. Anything that involved sex and Jack was almost always extremely enjoyable. Besides, Ianto found it amusing to see those moments when Jack hesitated, trying to decide what to do next. The frown that would appear on his face looked exactly like the one he wore when staring at computer monitors displaying unidentified Rift activity.

"Should I go put the kettle on, then?" Ianto asked, as if Jack weren't looking at him like Ianto was on the menu for tea.

Jack gave him a stern look. "No. I--" Then he blinked. He smiled lasciviously, the way that made Ianto's cock twitch, and Ianto knew he'd made his decision. Jack turned and began digging through the desk drawers. With a noise of triumph, he came up with a small metal device in his hands. He walked over to Ianto, still waiting patiently and grateful that Jack had taken to turning up the heat a bit before he asked Ianto to strip.

"What is it?"

"Oh, this is one of my favorite toys," Jack replied, unhooking one end of it. Ianto could see a metal ring -- cock-sized, so no great mystery what that part of it was. Two straps connected it to...the other bit, which Ianto couldn't see enough of to identify.

"They're all your favorite," Ianto pointed out, mildly.

Jack stepped up in front of him, half a step closer and he was practically on top of Ianto; whispers of clothing brushed against Ianto's skin as Jack moved. "This one...is really a favorite. From New Calvong. Now that was a society that believed in a good time had by all." Jack grinned, shining white teeth and predatory gleam in his eyes and for a split second Ianto's instincts told him to run.

Other instincts were doing other things, and Ianto moaned slightly as his cock hardened. He tried to lean forward, press himself against Jack, but his infuriating lover stepped backwards out of reach. Before Ianto could ask -- or beg -- Jack brought the device down and slipped the cockring on.

Ianto bit back a gasp as the cold metal touched sensitive skin; a moment later it was already beginning to warm. Jack moved around behind him, laying the straps flat against Ianto's hips, and just before it touched him, Ianto realised what the rest of the device was. He tensed as the dildo pressed against his arse; Jack leaned forward, voice soft over Ianto's shoulder. "Relax."

Ianto wanted to laugh. As if he could ever relax when Jack was touching him this way. But he took a deep breath, then let it out, and there was the sensation of something slick and cold at his arse -- one brief moment of warning then Jack was pushing it in.

Ianto found himself bending forward, catching himself on the edge of Jack's desk, and he spread his legs for Jack. He heard Jack murmur -- something encouraging and appreciative, then the dildo was pushed in even further.

"I like the foreplay," Ianto managed as sarcastically as he could when it was difficult to even breathe.

"This is the foreplay," Jack replied, and Ianto wondered just how much trouble he was in. They had the Hub to themselves for the entire long weekend, thanks to a UNIT conference in London. Jack had volunteered himself and Ianto to stay behind to monitor the Rift. Ianto knew they hadn't been fooling anybody, but the rest of the team had gone, and it hadn't taken very long at all for Jack to order Ianto down to his office and remove his clothes.

"What--" he began, then Jack gave another push and Ianto couldn't speak. The dildo was all the way in, and now Jack was tugging on the straps and -- oh. Ianto looked back, confirming his realization. The cockring and straps were holding the dildo in place.

He inhaled, sharply, and tried not to come all over Jack's desk. When he had control of himself -- more or less - Ianto asked, "And how is this foreplay?"

Jack walked around to stand in front of him, still grinning. Ianto knew he shouldn't trust that grin -- no matter how many orgasms it led to. He always seemed to forget -- or at least forgive -- after Jack turned his brains to post-coital mush. Ianto narrowed his eyes but knew he couldn't possibly present a very intimidating presence. Not naked, bent over, and already feeling well-fucked.

Jack held up a small device that looked like a harmless, dark green box. "This is foreplay," Jack said, and he moved his thumb along one side of the device.

And the dildo moved. Ianto's grip on the desk tightened as he gasped, tensing his legs to try to keep still. The dildo pressed in, then retreated -- slipped nearly all the way to its tip before pushing in again. It felt like some part of it was sitting just inside his arse, holding him open for the dildo to slid in and out of.

Ianto heard himself whimper, and he dropped his head. He took a breath and tried to speak -- the dildo slid in and out twice more before he could pull himself together enough to form coherent sentences.

"How...oh, god-- is this foreplay?" He panted, once, and hoped Jack was joking. Jack's idea of foreplay could last for ages when he put his mind to it. Ianto had once spent twelve hours, hard and beyond begging, waiting for Jack to finally decide the foreplay was over and get on with the actual sex.

Jack walked around to the other side of his desk and sat down. He picked up a piece of paper and glanced at it. Then, sounding and looking for all the world as though no one were naked and being fucked in his office, Jack said, "I went over your to-do list for the day, and I've listed the ones here I'd like you to perform."

Ianto looked at him, eyes growing wide. Jack just held out the paper and Ianto reached for it, hand trembling. The dildo was still fucking him, in and out in a steady rhythm. He forced himself to look at the list and realised right away what Jack's criteria was. Half of the jobs would involve Ianto on his knees; the others simply meant moving throughout the Hub, never spending too much time standing in one place.

He noticed none of them involved sitting down and if he'd had the ability, he'd have given Jack a smirk. But it was difficult enough to stand still -- in, out -- and if this was foreplay, it was foreplay for Jack, who would be watching him.

"What...what--" Ianto tried, and he shook his head slowly, trying to gather his thoughts. The cockring was tight enough to prevent him from coming, which he knew he was going to hate, very soon.

"The nice thing about a mechanical fuck," Jack said conversationally, "Is that it doesn't get tired." Ianto looked up and found Jack staring at him. Jack's eyes were wide, and Ianto had the comfort knowing that Jack was at least as turned on as he was. And they'd barely even started. Jack leaned forward, elbows on his desk -- hands, for the moment, in sight. "It doesn't falter. It doesn't stop." Jack touched the device he'd used to turn the thing on, and said, "It can just keep on fucking you."

Ianto dropped his head again, felt his knees nearly buckle. He'd been hard before Jack had put the thing on him; he felt now like he'd never been so hard -- he wanted to beg Jack to touch him, let him come. He'd gladly play this game for him, let Jack watch, if he could just come now.

Casually, Jack waved towards the door. "I'd get on that list."

"I have to...do all of these?" Ianto asked, clutching the paper in his hand. He wasn't sure he could hold out -- not unless he faked his way through half of them, and he wasn't sure he could think clearly to do that.

"As many as it takes," Jack said, sounding slightly and gratifyingly breathless.

Ianto nodded. As long as it took for Jack to give in and fuck him. He could do that. He could give Jack a show, let him watch Ianto get fucked -- he whimpered as he stood up, adjusting as the dildo pressed in, deep, and began its slide back out. All he had to do was make Jack scream for him.

He turned and took a step towards the door, only faltering with the first step as he realised he couldn't walk anything remotely like normal. But Jack was watching; he could feel Jack's eyes on his arse, on the dildo that was fucking him. Ianto resisted the urge to grip the door to regain his balance and walked as carefully as he could out of Jack's office.

Ianto took the list in order; whether Jack had intended it that way or not, it was easier than trying to think about what he was doing. The first was putting away the dishes in the breakroom. Ianto realised Jack had dug out an entire shelf full for him to replace; it had irritated him that morning but now... of course, they all belonged on the very bottom shelf. Ianto picked up a short stack and tried to crouch down; the dildo fucking him made it awkward as hell. He managed, getting down on his knees and leaning carefully forward to put the dishes back where they belonged.

He didn't bother trying to stand up to get more; he reached up, feeling along the counter blindly until he found the rest. One or two at a time, he put the dishes away, braced on one hand and his knees, arse facing the CCTV camera.

He moved slowly, staying in a position that was at least comfortable -- the device was still fucking him, in and out in a never-changing rhythm. It didn't make it easy to ignore; every time Ianto thought he could concentrate on his task at hand the dildo would push itself in, fucking him as deeply as Jack ever did. He wanted to stay there, hands and knees and let it fuck him until he came -- until Jack came, and let Ianto do the same.

But after he'd put all the dishes away he climbed awkwardly to his feet; freezing once as the dildo pushed in at a new angle and he gripped the counter top, mouth open but choking back the moan. He didn't think he could get away with trying that maneouvre again to repeat the angle, but he kept it in mind as he moved to his next task. A few more like that and he might come even with the cockring.

The second task was simple: gathering the empty cups and mugs. It meant moving around the Hub, going from desk to desk. Jack had written in 'no trays!' so Ianto was forced to take only what he could hold in his arms this making for several more trips to the breakroom.

The stairs were easy enough going up, but every single step down made Ianto gasp. He had to take one foot at a time on each step, unable to walk normally down the stairs. He could hear himself, moaning and crying out as the dildo fucked him. He hoped that Jack was being driven just as crazy. Ianto glanced towards the office, hoping to see Jack burst out, ready to take the machine's place and fuck him until they both came.

It occurred to him that Jack could very well be jerking off in his office, and was only torturing Ianto and not himself as well. But Ianto knew that a handjob wouldn't prevent Jack from wanting to fuck him -- not if Ianto played him well enough.

He continued moving around the Hub, gathering mugs and taking them back to the breakroom sink. The in and out of the dildo was starting to grow -- not unnoticeable, but predictable. Almost something he could work around as he focused on the tasks on Jack's list. He decided he'd done enough of the second task, and looked at the third item. Scrub the level two shower floor.

The large shower, sometimes communal and sometimes playground. That meant hands and knees again, and no CCTV which meant Jack would have to watch from the doorway. Ianto shivered, hoping -- begging silently -- that this meant Jack would have enough of his foreplay. The dildo was pounding into him and Ianto knew he'd be sore tomorrow, hopefully confined to bed with Jack's attentive ministrations to amuse him.

Ianto made his way to the shower as instructed, pleased to find Jack, still fully dressed, in the hallway waiting for him. His cock gave a twitch -- as if he could get any harder. Ianto forced himself not to go to Jack for a kiss and grope, or to rub himself all over Jack until he came, cockring or not. Instead he went into the shower, found a bucket of water waiting for him, and slowly made his ways to his knees.

He didn't bother trying to hold back the whimpers and moans, just reaching into the bucket and finding a washcloth. He began making a pass at cleaning the floor -- moving back and forth on his hands and knees, not even hiding the fact he was moving in time with the dildo fucking him. Dear God, he wanted to come so badly; his grip on the cloth seemed to be the only thing holding him upright.

He scooted forwards along the floor, aware of Jack behind him. Staring. Watching the dildo fucking him relentlessly; Ianto rocked back and forth again, then gave up all pretense at trying to wash the floor. Hands flat on the tile, Ianto tried to push himself against the dildo inside him. Of course it didn't work, but he tried, moving again, wanting and needing and he heard himself crying out. He needed to come, needed the cockring off and Jack's hand in its place and he wanted Jack inside him and--

Hot breath on his neck was his first warning, then Jack's hands were on his hips. The straps fell away and Jack's hand was there, jerking his cock once as he slipped the ring off then again, and Ianto was shouting as he came.

Jack continued to stroke him, words in his ear that Ianto couldn't make any sense of. He leaned sideways against him, letting Jack hold him up until finally his orgasm was wrung completely out of him.

Ianto turned his head and Jack kissed him, hard and demanding. He let himself be pushed onto his back, legs up -- and he blinked as Jack just paused there. Jack stared at the dildo in Ianto's arse, still moving.

"Shit, I forgot the--" Jack glanced towards the door and Ianto began to laugh.

"You could just watch," he offered, feeling utterly boneless and sated. But Jack just growled and eased the dildo out -- casting it aside, Ianto watched as the dildo continued its motion, lying on the shower floor.

Then Jack was lifting Ianto's legs onto Jack's shoulders, and Jack was pressing himself inside Ianto's arse. Ianto sighed, happily; dildos and toys were nice, but he always preferred Jack over any of them. He pressed his palms against the tile floor, bracing himself as Jack began to fuck him.

Ianto laughed again as he realised Jack was mimicking the rhythm of the dildo; Jack looked at him, confusion crossing his face briefly before simply giving in and fucking him. Ianto held himself in place as best as he could, slipping on the wet floor as Jack pounded his extremely-well-used arse. He watched Jack's face as his lover fucked him -- the faraway look that told Ianto he hadn't been the only one barely hanging on.

He smiled as Jack continued to thrust, watching the tension in Jack's face. Jack gasped, then for a moment he almost stilled. Ianto yanked Jack forward with his heels on Jack's back, slamming him into Ianto's arse. Jack shouted something, then moaned Ianto's name as he dug his fingers into Ianto's hips as he came.

Jack shuddered, then slowly collapsed on top of Ianto. Ianto let him, arranging his legs as best he could on the cold, wet floor. He wrapped his arms around Jack and held him close.

For two seconds. Then he let go and rolled onto his side, knocking Jack onto the floor. Jack's eyes opened, going wide with surprise.

"The floor's cold, and that thing is creeping me out."

Jack looked over at the dildo, which was still rhythmically fucking air. He laughed, but didn't make any move to stand up. Ianto got to his feet and looked down at him thoughtfully. "You know, I only got through a third of my list."

Jack just watched him, from the floor.

Ianto smiled. "I'm fairly certain several of the duties are easy enough for even you to handle." He walked over to the dildo and picked it up. He looked at Jack. "Strip."

the end