Ianto stood in front of Jack, glaring down at him with as stern an expression as he could muster. Despite the practise he'd had at glaring at Jack sternly while Jack was naked and tied to his bed, Ianto still found it difficult to maintain the air of...well, sternness when what he really wanted was to drop to his knees and start sucking.

That was why he'd waited until he had a genuine reason to look stern, and one thought about the stack of reports on Jack's desk reminded Ianto of the irritation he wanted to project. He looked back at Jack, who was grinning hopefully in anticipation.

Ianto held up a red pen. "Do you know what this is?"

"A pen?" Jack asked, eyebrows arching up. "Ooh, are you going to write on me?" He wriggled in delight, and Ianto had to mentally pause for a moment, noting and very definitively shelving that image into a corner of his brain for another time. He also shelved the image of Jack writing on him and had to think about the reports again.

"I am not going to write on you," Ianto said. Sternly. Or so he hoped. "I have been attempting to file your backlog of reports, and, as always, I am forced to re-write half of them to correct the appalling spelling, grammar, and irrelevant marginalia."

Jack's expression turned to one of 'I'm so charming and cute that I should be spanked for my evil ways'.

Ianto scowled. It was the only way he could keep from laughing. Admittedly, Ianto was the one who'd emailed Jack from the Tourist Office, requesting that Jack strip down, arrange himself on the bed, and wait for Ianto. He'd also added 'tie yourself up,' but hadn't actually expected Jack to do so; he'd been impressed to find Jack had managed to cuff one wrist and had still been fumbling with the second when Ianto had descended. Ianto had fixed the bonds, give Jack a kiss for his efforts, and then proceeded to start the dressing down for what honestly and truly did vex him.

"We've talked about using the spellcheck, yes?" Ianto asked.

Jack nodded, eagerly.

"And you've seen the four English grammar books I've left for you?" He gestured vaguely upwards towards Jack's office, where the books sat on a far shelf -- out of reach where they couldn't be easily accessed when needed. Again, Jack nodded, and now he was giving Ianto the 'I'm too cute not to kiss' look.

Ianto walked forward to the edge of the bed and leaned down, holding out the pen. "Then why, pray tell, must I still use this to correct your reports?"

"Am I supposed to answer, or just say 'whip me, sir'?" Jack asked, cheerfully.

"You don't have to say anything," Ianto said. "I have faith that you'll remember from now on." He waved the red pen in front of Jack's face, then sank slowly to his knees. He heard Jack begin to speak, but Ianto ignored him and reached for Jack's cock with his free hand.

Jack had been half-hard when Ianto had arrived, and at Ianto's touch, his cock hardened even more. Ianto ran his fingers down the shaft, then back up, pressing his thumb against the cock-head. Jack shifted his legs, opening himself up for whatever Ianto wanted, and Ianto heard a deep intake of breath as Ianto squeezed his hand gently around Jack's cock.

Ianto continued to play with Jack's cock, then moved his hand down to roll Jack's testicles against his fingers. He tugged, still gently, and then teased at Jack's arsehole with one fingertip. He heard Jack start to say his name, then Ianto moved forward and took Jack's cock into his mouth.

There was a muffled shout of surprise, and Ianto touched the tip of his tongue against the glans, pressing his tongue against the moistened flesh. Jack was moaning freely, now, and sounding extremely un-repentant.

Ianto lifted his head and waited. He watched the rise and fall of Jack's chest as he breathed deep, then Jack raised his head a bit and grinned down at him. Ianto showed him the pen.

"Um, not to discourage a kinky idea, but were you going to fuck me with that? It's kinda small." Jack moved his shoulders as if trying to shrug.

"I was thinking," Ianto said, and he took Jack's cock in his other hand, holding the shaft tightly, and pleased to see Jack losing interest in the conversation. "That I would explain the merits of filling out the forms correctly. The first time." He saw Jack nod, left cheek rubbing against his biceps. Ianto had double-checked the cuffs, tight enough to hold but not tight enough to hold him fast. Jack could get out if he needed to, but the message Ianto had meant to convey was clear.

Jack would lay back and take what was coming to him.

"Reports, right," Jack said, voice only somewhat breathless. "You going to give me a blow job every time I do it properly? That would convince me."

"I want you to think about this red pen," Ianto said, and, holding Jack's cock carefully, he brought the pen to it, pausing only briefly before he lined up the tip, and pushed.

Jack froze, tense against the cuffs on his wrists and feet shoved flat against the mattress. His knees remained spread, and he made no sound at all. Ianto checked the shaft of the pen, making sure the lubricant he'd carefully applied hadn't dried or somehow vanished, then, using both hands and as much care as he could, he began to work the pen into Jack's cock.

Jack seemed to have stopped breathing. Ianto glanced up at him, seeing Jack's eyes fixed on the ceiling. Every muscle in his body stood out, tensed and rigid -- it was only the soft, mewling sound coming from Jack's throat that told Ianto that all of this was good.

"Jack?" Ianto queried, calmly.

There was no answer, and Ianto ran his hand lightly down the length of Jack's cock. He couldn't quite feel the pen through the flesh, until he drew his hand near the end, pressing the glans down against the hard plastic. The whimpering was louder, now, and Ianto traced one finger around the cock head, pressing in and making the pen wobble, slightly, back and forth.

There was a harsh, half-caught noise as Jack's mouth fell open, and Jack suddenly shoved his hips upwards.

"Did you want something?" Ianto asked. Jack nodded, frantically, but said nothing. Ianto held the pen in his fingers, and, after another moment, pushed it in a tiny bit more.

Jack shouted. His legs were splayed almost all the way open, knees nearly touching the mattress. Ianto had had reason on many occasions to appreciate Jack's flexibility; he took a moment now to lay the palm of his hand against the inside of Jack's thigh. He rubbed the skin, as if soothing Jack against the invasion.

Then he put his hand back on Jack's cock, and slowly began to push the pen in further. Jack was moaning, now, whimpering words that had never been English, and begging Ianto with every breath and every move of his body. Ianto watched, barely remembering to breathe himself. There was a line of sweat on Jack's forehead, another on his neck trailing down his chest.

Ianto held the pen still, and ran his hand up and down Jack's cock again. Lightly at first, just rubbing the foreskin up and down. Then he pushed it down and gripped Jack's cock tighter. He couldn't exactly feel the pen, he realised, just the unnatural extra stiffness as he fisted Jack's cock. He slipped his other hand underneath Jack's thigh, wriggling his hand up towards his arse. The skin was slick there as well, and Ianto allowed himself a smug grin at just how quickly he'd knocked the poise and charm out of his lover.


Jack just moaned, rubbing his arse against Ianto's hand.

"Is there something you wish to say?"

Ianto almost laughed at the look of utter confusion that appeared, even at this angle he could see well enough to know that Jack had absolutely no idea what Ianto was talking about. Possibly he didn't know why Ianto was talking.

"Do you," Ianto began, and leaned forward, brushing his cheek against Jack's cock and eliciting a high-pitched whimper. "Wish to say something," he continued, and turned his face so the breath of his words touched the swollen flesh of Jack's abused cock. "About your reports?" Before Jack could even try to answer, Ianto pressed his tongue against Jack's cock, nudging the pen as he licked.

He made no more pretense at conversation then, licking Jack's cock and knocking into the pen with his nose, his cheek, and his tongue as he went. He was careful, despite having checked the shape of the pen over before he'd ever allowed himself to plan this. He'd made sure the tip was rounded and smooth, removed the ink cartridge to avoid tearing. He knew Jack could enjoy pain with his pleasure, but Ianto had no desire to injure him.

So he worked carefully, moving his mouth slowly and holding Jack's cock with his hands to ensure nothing would slip.

It provided the added benefit of completely tormenting Jack. Slow and teasing was guaranteed to make Jack lose his mind completely, though normally Ianto found himself hard pressed to not lose his own long enough to keep it slow. Having to concentrate was splendid, he was discovering, at keeping his focus on teasing Jack and not merely giving in to his own need to fuck Jack through the floor.

It helped that he'd jerked off before coming downstairs.

Jack's moans and whimpers were dying down, now; the long string of foreign babble replaced by wordless, low-pitched keening. Ianto lifted his head briefly and saw Jack's jaw working, up and down like he knew he needed to beg but couldn't form the words necessary. Jack lifted his knees, suddenly, begging Ianto to fuck him the only way he could.

For a moment Ianto was tempted, but he didn't want to risk fucking Jack with the pen still in place, and he wasn't ready to remove it just yet. But he'd anticipated that, and, leaving one hand on Jack's cock, he reached into his jacket pocket with the other, taking out the small tube of lubricant he'd brought with him. The cap was loosened so it was easy enough, one handed, to get it off and spread some lube on his fingers.

He continued to hold Jack's cock steady, slowly tightening his grip then loosening it, over and over as he moved his hand to Jack's arse, then, without further warning, slid two fingers inside.

Jack cried out, back arching and legs still pressed as far apart as they would go. There was a spate of babble, and Ianto heard his name interspersed among the noises. There was a repeated word which he suspected was 'please' or possibly 'fuck me' or, he granted, might be one word for both.

He acquiesced to the intent, whatever the words, and began sliding his fingers in and out, timed with the up and down of his other hand. He pushed his fingers in a bit farther, then tightened his grip a little more, then paused long enough for Jack to begin to catch his breath -- then he began again.

He fell into a rhythm quickly, then forced himself to pause, breaking it up. He moved his fingers inside Jack's arse, drawing a sharp cry -- and moved forward quickly to press his tongue against the flat of Jack's shaft.

Jack's whimpers were getting ragged, and there was a sharp edge to them which Ianto had been waiting for. He added a third finger and began fucking Jack as hard as he could with his hand, jerking him off as fast as he dared with the pen still in place.

It didn't take long before Jack shouted, and Ianto pulled the pen free just as Jack came.

Ianto continued fucking him with his fingers, and, after tossing the pen to the mattress, stroked Jack's cock in a firm, but gentle, pace.

When Jack collapsed on the bed, panting hard and legs akimbo, Ianto finally withdrew his hands. He climbed onto the bed, holding himself above Jack, and waited. It took a moment, but Jack finally pried open his eyes and blinded Ianto with a smile.

Ianto bent down and kissed him, then pushed himself back and gave Jack a very stern look.

"Are you going to do your reports correctly next time?" he asked.

"Oh, God no," Jack whispered, still grinning. He leaned up, capturing Ianto's mouth in another kiss.

When Jack broke the kiss and let his head fall back onto the pillow, Ianto nodded. "Good."

Then he let himself fall onto Jack, still fully dressed, and wriggled himself into a vaguely comfortable position. He closed his eyes, as if going to sleep.

There was a moment, then Jack asked, "Should I untie myself?"

Ianto just 'mmm'ed.

Jack nudged him with his hip. "Did you want to fuck me?" His tone was exhausted, and yet still cheerfully eager.

Ianto shifted, 'accidently' rubbing his erection against Jack's hip. Jerking off had only meant he could hold out, not that he'd be completely uninterested. He sighed again, as if content, and waited.

"Mr Jones, if you fall asleep on me like this, I shall be very cross." Jack didn't quite sound stern, but Ianto opened his eyes.

"And then I suppose you'll be forced to spank me," he said, and suddenly, Jack's hands were free of the cuffs and Ianto found himself rolling backwards.

Ianto sighed forlornly as Jack began divesting him of his suit. "We never do seem to get our reports filed on time, do we?"

the end