Standing in the Dark

It was just his damned luck to want to fuck a guy he couldn't stand. Luckily for Jimmy, the object of his lustful distraction was enough of a jerk that there was no real temptation to find out if the answer would be yes, or if he'd be nursing a black eye for the following week.

At least it had been. Why the hell he had to overhear Bosco talking to the kid -- scared and pointing a gun that nobody knew if she would really fire it or not. Too young for anyone to want to let the snipers handle it. Twelve was too young to even know how to hold a gun, Jimmy thought. Much less fire it into the wall.

Everyone had been trapped in the hallway, waiting for her to put the gun down long enough for them to get inside and get her father out from under the safe he'd been trying to break open. Or blow up, rather, though all he'd done was blow the door onto himself.

Jimmy had inched over the the doorway, peering over Yokas' shoulder at her partner. Jimmy had let himself take one nice, long look at the ass he'd been thinking too much about lately. Then he'd been caught up in listening to Bosco talk the girl into putting the gun down.

It was easier when they were jerks. Then he was free to think about it and tell himself how impossible it would be. No chances, no temptations. No complications.

Then he caught a glimpse into a man he was sure he didn't know -- a man who, he realised, Yokas knew pretty damn well, if her expression while Bosco had been talking was anything to go by. And he found himself thinking that maybe there was something in there worth pursuing, after all.

And damn him if he didn't start thinking about it like it was a good idea.

And damn Bosco for not being a complete jerk.