Responsible Partners

~ this came about after a conversation about what Bosco and Bobby would be like together. This isn't mean to contain any plot (ie, it won't convince you they would do this.) Just a short look at what it
might be like if they did.

This was the best part. Stretched out flat on his stomach, legs still spread and back aching from holding himself up, Bosco was exhausted, spent, and utterly relaxed.

He'd always loved sex because of the way it made him feel *during* sex. But this -- this was also good because of how he felt after. The bed dipped down as his lover came back to the bed, and Bosco didn't move at all -- not even to twitch when the damp washcloth touched his ass. Instead he just sighed with hedonistic pleasure.

"You wanna roll over, or just sleep sticky?" Bobby asked in a sarcastic tone. Bosco knew it wasn't really sarcasm; there was too much self-satisfaction in his voice. As well there should be -- he'd just fucked Bosco well and thoroughly, and if his internal clock was accurate, they'd spent a better part of the night doing it.

With a groan of protest, Bosco pushed himself onto his back. Despite the fact the sheets were already a mess, he knew if he didn't move, Bobby would just leave him where he was and he'd wake up truly disgusting. This way, Bobby wouldn't complain when Bosco snagged his side of the bed and forced them to sleep squashed together on the only part of the bed that was clean.

He closed his eyes, skin prickling as the now-cool washcloth was wiped across his body. He could feel sleep approaching fast -- he could fight it, if he need to, but there was no reason to. His body was completely wiped out, and no matter what Bobby might try, there was no way he was getting it up again.

The mattress dipped again as Bobby leaned over -- no doubt dropping the washcloth on the floor. Bosco didn't look, didn't move. A second
later, Bobby was tugging the blankets up from the foot of the bed, then he was laying down beside Bosco.

And that was what Bosco loved best about fucking Bobby -- or, more precisely, being fucked by him. A good night of sex relaxed him better
than anything else he'd found. Didn't matter who it was with, as long as he got off. The relaxation didn't usually last much longer than it took the afterglow to wear off, but it felt damn good all the same. But when he slept with Bobby, it lasted.

Bosco didn't have to do a thing, afterwards, but lie there on the bed and let Bobby take care of things. He could fall asleep before Bobby ever got back to bed and all that would happen was he'd wake up plastered up against him in the morning and they'd check the clock to decide if they had time for another round.

Maybe it was selfish, but so far Bobby hadn't ever asked for things to change. And Bosco never turned him down when Bobby invited him over -- so he figured that whatever Bobby got out of it, he liked just as much as Bosco liked falling asleep in Bobby's bed, knowing that until he left he didn't have to be responsible for a single damn thing.