Off Shift

After the shift was over, Bosco thought long and hard about what he wanted to do. The obvious answer was, like always, head for home. Whether he stayed there or headed to a club would be decided once he got there. But he kept seeing the look on Sully's face after he'd thrown those words at him.

"Problem solved."

He couldn't believe he'd said it. It wasn't Sully's fault the woman had shot her husband. None of them could have known things wouldn't work out. He couldn't even claim the words had slipped out before he'd thought twice -- he had, in fact, stood there, staring at the body, thinking that if only Sully hadn't been so... Sully, the woman might have been in a cell for assault and her husband still alive. When Sullivan and Davis arrived, Bosco had lashed out at the person he'd decided could have prevented it.

He knew he was wrong. Now the question was, what was he going to do about it? Sighing, he knew what he was going to do. All he had to do now was start the car so he could do it.

Forty-five minutes later, he was standing in the hallway outside Sullivan's apartment. One more attempt to convince himself he could do this, then he knocked. There was a heart-stopping moment afterwards when he thought about running; then the chain was being undone and the door unlocked. There was another slight pause, then the door opened. Sully was staring at him in clear disbelief. He frowned and demanded, "What are you doing here?" The harsh tone reminded him what a jerk he'd been.

Bosco glanced away and said, "I want to apologise for what I said."

"You what?"

Bosco looked up, and stared right at the other man and repeated, "I was a jerk. I shouldn't have said it."

Sully just stared back at him. Bosco was beginning to wonder if he should just turn around and go, when Sully stepped back. "Come in."

Feeling even more nervous than he had drumming up his courage to knock, Bosco went inside. He moved past Sullivan and into the living room where he stopped, unsure about the reception he was going to get. It was reasonable that Sully just wanted to yell at him in private. He kept his hands in his jacket pockets so he wouldn't be tempted to take a swing at him, if the yelling did get too intense.

Sully was just standing there, though, across the room. He looked as nervous as Bosco felt.

"So." Bosco wondered if Sully had any idea why he'd invited him in.

"You... why are you apologising?" Sully asked, a odd tone in his voice.

"Because it was uncalled for." He didn't understand why Sully was asking -- it had been obvious, he'd thought.

"I mean... you don't normally--" he cut himself off and looked away. "Sorry." This, Bosco understood. He didn't pursue it, though. He should just leave, now, before things had a chance to get worse. Softly he heard Sully say, "I never apologised, either. I should. Because I really regret having said it."

"You what?" Bosco gaped at him.

Sully shrugged, still not looking at him. "I know I meant it at the time. But ever since... I guess I just realised I was wrong."

Bosco considered sitting down before he fell over. Of all the reactions he'd expected, this was not one of them. It didn't even come close. "You're... you're apologising...?"

"Yeah. A little late, I realise. But I'm apologising." Sully looked at him now, and Bosco could see that he meant it.

He swallowed. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Then they stood there in awkward silence, wondering what any of this was going to mean.

"You know," Bosco finally said, feeling a little out-of-kilter, "That's all I wanted you to do."

"What, apologise?"

"No," he shook his head. "Realise you were wrong. Decide you were wrong... hell, just be wrong. That was the only reason I left; you said you didn't want me around." Now Sully was gaping at him. Some part of Bosco was amused by it. Maybe it was because he realised that something he'd missed might no longer be gone.

"That was the only reason you left?"

Bosco shrugged. "There were a lot of things wrong, you know that. But that was the reason I took off instead of... staying." He felt awkward talking about this, not knowing where it was going. If he thought they were going somewhere... or if they were going nowhere, he'd know what to say.


The non-comment didn't help. After a few awkward, silent moments, Bosco took a step towards the door. It was also towards Sully, since the man hadn't moved; he started as Bosco drew nearer. "So what does that mean?" Sully asked.

"I don't know!" Frustrated, he stopped again and tensed, torn between wanting to leave and wanting to stay.

"Why'd you come over here, Maurice?"

"I told you! To apologise." He didn't know why they were almost shouting. He wondered if Sully knew.

"After three years, suddenly you want to be nice to me again?"

"Be nice to you?" Bosco couldn't believe it. Taking a step forward, he reached out to grab Sully -- intending to shake him, or punch him, get it through his thick skull that this was not his fault. Not entirely. Not what had happened back then, anyhow. What had happened tonight, was. But he'd apologised for that.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts and found his anger dissipating, and his hand still clutching Sully's shirt. Sully was looking at him. He let go of the shirt, and tried to form a second apology. "Did you mean it?" he asked, instead.

"Mean what?" Sully sounded a little dazed.

"You apologised. Did you mean it?"

Frowning slightly, Sully said, "Sure I meant it. Why do you think--"

Bosco shut him up, by kissing him. Surprisingly, Sully didn't push him away. He'd half expected him to, a moment after he'd begun the kiss and his brain caught up with his body. But his ex-lover was just standing there, letting Bosco kiss him. When he leant back and risked a look, he found a rather stunned expression. Bosco smiled. "Something wrong?"

Even as Sully shook his head, he asked, "What was that for?"

"That was because I've been wanting to do that for nearly two years."

"Only two?" he asked, faintly.

Bosco shrugged. "I was mad at you for a long time. Too mad to remember how much I liked this." He traced a finger across Sully's bottom lip. At first there was no response.

Then, in a somewhat shaky voice, Sully said, "You've got to be kidding me."

Bosco blinked. "About what?"

"You can't possibly-- Look at me. I'm old, gained 15 pounds since the last time you saw me naked. You can't possibly want--"

Bosco kissed him again, once lightly, then he said, "Think again." He pressed himself against the other man, drawing him down for a third kiss and ground his hips lightly into Sully's. "Unmistakable evidence, I'd call it," he said when they broke off.

His erection was straining, urging him to stop fooling around with kissing and start taking off clothes. He told himself to calm down -- for a moment, long enough to make sure he wasn't going to get thrown out. Or shot. Hands came around and laid flat on his back, pulling him closer. He grinned. Slowly, hesitantly, Sully smiled back.

It took almost no encouragement for Bosco to get them both into the bedroom. He simply grabbed Sully's hand and tugged, leading him down the hall. Once there, it took barely more encouragement to get him undressed. He did it by undressing, himself, then standing before his lover, completely naked. Sully didn't move, at first, which didn't really surprise Bosco. He waited while Sully looked at him, then ran his hand lightly down his chest, drawing Sully's gaze with the motion. It seemed to galvanise him, and Sully began to strip, not taking his eyes off Bosco's hand.

When they were both naked, he stopped moving his hand up and down, reaching out instead for his lover. Sully moved towards him, still apparently in a daze. Grinning, Bosco ran his hand down Sully's arm until he could grip his hand. Another tug, and Sully was following him to the bed. "Come on, John. Fuck me," he whispered, lying down on his back, pulling his lover towards him.

Sully's reaction was instantaneous -- he'd been getting hard ever since Bosco had begun stripping, but now his erection filled completely. He was jolted out of his reverie as well, moving quickly to kneel above Bosco.

Bosco reached up and took a hold of Sully's head, bringing him down to kiss him. As he did, he wrapped one leg over Sully's. He raised his hips, brushing his cock against Sully's. "Fuck me," he said again. Sully lowered himself onto Bosco, grabbing onto him roughly. "Yeah," he whispered, relishing the feel of his lover's body on his.

He'd missed it, missed this so much even when he'd been too hurt to speak to the man. He held on as Sully moved against him, not holding back his shouts whenever the pressure on his cock spiked. He felt Sully's hands underneath him, lifting his hips slightly -- then it stopped. Dismayed, Bosco pried his eyes open. "What's wrong?"

"I need something...." Sully was looking around, somewhat frantically.

"Kitchen," Bosco told him. "There's gotta be something in there."

With a nod, Sully pushed himself off Bosco and left the room. Groaning, Bosco let his head fall back onto the bed. He counted the seconds, then grabbed himself and rubbed lightly, shouting, "Hurry up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming! You better not be," Sully added, calling back from the other room.

Bosco laughed. For a weird moment it was like the last three years hadn't happened. For a few short months, after they'd been together long enough for the sheer physical need to give way -- a little way -- to other things, they'd found they enjoyed so many of the same things, laughed at the same jokes. They'd enjoyed each other's company as often out of bed, as in. For a few, short, months.

He waited as patiently as he could until Sully came back into the bedroom, something in his hand. Bosco didn't really care what it was as long as it did the job. He raised his knees, and again Sully stopped, and stared. Bosco wriggled. "Come on, don't leave me hanging like this."

As if mesmerised, Sully moved forward. Bosco watched impatiently as he took a fingerful of something bright yellow, then he was arching his back and biting back a hiss, as slick fingers worked their way inside him.

"You're loose," Sully remarked.

"I haven't been waiting for you," Bosco ground out, trying to reach out with his legs to grab onto Sully and pull him in. He'd deal with the consequences, if any, of his admission later. His thoughts were short-circuited when he felt Sully pressing himself against his ass. "Oh, god," he whispered, and tried to pull his lover inside. Sully wasn't going any faster than he wanted, despite Bosco's legs wrapped around his waist, and Bosco nearly screamed.

He clutched at the air, reaching up for Sully, but his lover caught his wrist and pushed his arm back down. Whimpering, Bosco was reduced to merely wriggling at his lover's mercy, hoping he'd got on with it before he stopped being able to breathe. And begging, of course.

"Please, John, please, fuck me already!" He grabbed the bedspread and tightened his hands into fists. He opened his mouth to beg some more, and Sully slammed in, hard. Bosco shouted, and released the death-grip on the bedspread.

Until Sully thrust in again, and Bosco was unable to hold still. He heard himself moaning something that was unintelligible even to him, but he didn't try to keep quiet. He could feel Sully's legs against his thighs, slamming into him with every thrust. Could feel the hard length filling him, as deep as Sully could force himself. He could hear his lover's panting breath, feel the brush of Sully's hand on his stomach in passing. And he could feel his entire body shaking, jolted by each violent thrust into and against him.

He heard himself moaning softly, crying out John's name and begging for more. Now Sully's voice was answering his, and the sound of it made him shake, vibrating faster with each new thrust. Bosco opened his eyes and found Sully looking at him, watching him even through the distraction of his own arousal. "John," he whispered, one more time, and then Sully was coming, slamming into Bosco one last time and holding himself in place.

He waited, watching for a moment as Sully was lost to orgasm; then his own was taking control and he shouted again.

When he finally opened his eyes, Sully was lying beside him, one arm draped over Bosco's stomach. "Now do you believe me?" he asked, kissing his lover's shoulder. He shivered -- his lover. Did this mean they were back together again? Or was Sully going to brush this aside as a major-apology and nothing to be repeated?

Sully turned his head and looked at him, face sweaty and flushed. Then he smiled. "I think you may have to convince me again. You know how stubborn I am."

With a laugh, Bosco rolled over and on top of Sully, who had rolled over with him. "I thought you said you were an old man. Old men don't get it up more than once a night." He felt the fingers on his butt and only had time to tense, before he was pinched, hard.

"I didn't say I was that old."

"Guess you'll have to convince me," Bosco replied. He got pinched again.


He left late that morning, around eleven o'clock. He'd woken up in Sully's bed, spooned from behind by Sully. They'd both lain there waiting for the other to react, first, until realising that the other was awake. Waiting. Bosco had laughed, and that had set Sully off. An hour and one shower later, they'd headed into the kitchen for breakfast.

Now Bosco was on his way home, trying not to whistle. Or sing. Or tap his fingers on the steering wheel. Or any of the half a dozen other things he caught himself doing. He reminded himself that, with everything else that had not changed, the need to keep their relationship hidden was still strong. Acting like he'd been handed... a lover, was no way to stay in the closet. He gave himself permission to act as goofy as he liked back home where no one could see or hear.

He told himself he was being an idiot -- four times, and it never helped. By the time he left for work he'd calmed down, only to catch himself grinning again at the realisation that he would be seeing Sully again. He managed to stay reasonably normal when he arrived by dint of not actually seeing Sully until RollCall.

He managed to behave himself during RollCall... he wasn't exactly sure how. Unless it had been the way the Captain glared at him the first two times he'd been grinning. Sully had averted a smile of his own, and Bosco had done nothing to break either of their obviously tenuous control. He was actually behaving normally by the time he and Yokas were in their vehicle, heading out for patrol.

Yokas was driving, so Bosco stared out the window watching the passers-by be passed by. It was barely ten minutes after they'd left the station when Yokas said, "All right, give."

"Huh?" Bosco turned and looked at her.

She was glancing over, giving him the most demanding glare she had. "Give! What has you in such a good mood?"

He could tell she was tickled at the notion of him being in a good mood, but decided that was no reason to give up secrets. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said mildly, turning back towards the window.

"You do so," she retorted. "You've been bouncing around ever since you got to the station. I'm surprised you haven't been singing silly songs, or patting people on the back, or something."

"What? I don't sing."

"You do when you're this happy; I've heard you."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

She gave a half-laugh. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been acting like... like I don't know what, but you're acting happy and I wanna know why." He didn't answer her, and after a moment she sighed and shook her head. "Maybe I should ask Sully. He was bouncing around, too." Bosco froze, but continued looking out the window. "Bos?"

"Yeah?" He didn't glance over at her. He didn't dare.

There was another pause, then, "You didn't."

At that, he looked over. "Didn't what?" She didn't answer; instead she pulled the squad over and parked, then turned and looked at him squarely. "Didn't what? Yokas--"

"Tell me you didn't--"


"Sully." It was all she said, but it was enough. Bosco smiled. A second later he fought to control it, but he was too late. "Oh my god! You did?" Bosco didn't say anything, and she continued. "Really? You... but I thought... Bos, what happened?"

She was smiling, which Bosco had expected. She had never been entirely convinced his and Sully's relationship was a good idea, career-wise, but she had frequently admitted that it was a great idea for every other reason. Even when they'd broken up, she'd tried to talk him through it and get him to give Sully another chance.

"Yokas, I'm not going to gossip with you about my love life." He didn't try to hide the smile, this time.

She whapped him on the arm. "Yeah, right. Give, already."

With a put-upon sigh, he told her. He left out most of the details of course, but when he finished she knew enough.

"You think it's gonna work out, this time?"

Bosco shrugged. "I don't know. I hope so."

"Does this mean you're gonna stop being so cranky all the time?" she asked in a mock-hesitant tone.

Bosco gave her a glare. "I'm not cranky."

"Well, no, you're not anymore. Remind me to thank Sully when we see him."

"Don't you dare!"

"What?" She gave him an innocent look. "You don't think he'll appreciate it?"

Bosco just groaned, remembering only now, and very vividly, what he'd put up with when he and Sully had been together. Yokas was irrepressible. At least last time they'd been able to avoid being invited over for dinners, and other nonsense. He'd only been able to do so by forbidding her to tell Fred he was gay. Of course he could still use that excuse, but he still had to deal with Yokas, 8 hours a day, five days a week, being happy for him. Being interested. Smiling at him like she was glad he was happy, again.

He groaned, and leaned his head back in the seat.