There's No Place Like Home

Somewhere along the line he'd totally lost control.

Bosco stood in the entryway to the kitchen, watching as Brian's roommates -- former roommates -- carried boxes in. Boxes, bags, odd-shaped things that had better be a lamp and not something he was
going to arrest Brian for owning. Although that would solve his immediate problem.

"You gonna just stand there or you gonna help?" Faith asked, though as she was shoving a box into his arms Bosco knew it was probably a rhetorical question.

"How did this happen?" he asked, shaking his head. He set the box down on the kitchen table, but not because someone had written 'kitchen' on it with a thick, black sharpie. No one answered him, which didn't surprise him. No one had answered him all morning, ever since Brian had dragged him out of bed and hauled him first down to the hardware store to get extra keys made, then to his place -- his *old* place, what the fuck, and told everyone to start loading up the cars.

Michelle, one of Brian's old roommates, gave him a brilliant smile as she walked past. "This is so great! We're so happy for you."

Bosco snarled at her, and Faith whapped him on the back of the head.

"Be nice," Faith scolded.

"Why should I?" But again it was rhetorical because no one was answering. They both stepped out of the way as Mark and David hauled something large past. Furniture? "Hey! There's no room for all this shit!"

"'Course there is," Brian said. "Why do you think we shoved everything out of the way yesterday?"

"You shoved everything out of the way. I was going to spend today moving it all back."

Brian grinned and patted him on the cheek. Bosco thought seriously about biting him. Then he smelled something -- someone -- coming up the hallway. "Oh, no. No, no, no, no."

Faith gave him an only vaguely worried look as Bosco thumped his head on the wall. Perfect. *Just* what he needed.

"Rose! Theresa!" He opened his eyes to see Cindy greeting his mother and grandmother.

"How the hell do you know them?"

Another whap on the head and Faith hissed, "Bos!"

"Sorry. How the fuck do you-- ow! Dammit, Faith."

"Are you kidding?" Cindy asked, tilting her head at him. She was the sort of cute, perky blonde that in any other circumstance Bosco would be hitting on. As it was, he wanted to just hit...well, something. Not her because at least five people here would thump him back and mean it. Including Cindy.

His grandmother said, "As soon as we heard, we went right over to meet him. Such a nice boy! And his pack, such nice boys and girls." She moved forward and Bosco leaned down to let her give him a kiss on the cheek. She did, then slapped it lightly. "And you shouldn't use such language."

"What?" Bosco looked from her to his mother. "You what?"

"You think we wouldn't want to meet the boy you finally decide to live with? Ten years, Maurice, and finally you let someone in." She gave him a kiss too, and Bosco was pretty sure he wasn't going to stand up to so much maternal approval.

"I didn't decide--" Bosco protested, then stopped. It wasn't like he could deny that Brian was bringing all his stuff into his apartment. But *he* hadn't been the one to ask, or even agree as far as he could remember. But every time he told Brian no, and threatened to throw him out on his tail if he tried moving in, Brian would just smile and laugh and ignore him.

Somewhere along the line he'd lost, and he couldn't for the life of him figure out when it was. Everyone else seemed to be thrilled -- his mother and grandmother were in the living room talking to Brian's roommates like they were old friends and family -- which didn't make sense, because Brian was moving *out* of their pack. If Brian expected to move the rest of them in, later--

Bosco stormed out of the kitchen, past them all, and headed for his -- *his* -- bedroom. Faith was following him, but that was all right. There was stuff piled everywhere; boxes on top the the chair and stacked in front of the closet. He sat down on the bed, leaned up against the wall, and waited for Faith to shut the door.


He shook his head. "I'm not--"

She walked over and sat down at the foot of the bed. Looking at him like she knew he was freaking out. She probably did. She reached over and put her hand on his leg, and despite the fact he swore up and down he hated being touched, he really didn't mind.

"Kinda a big deal," she finally said. "You can't blame them for being happy."

"I'm not..." He stopped again, not even sure he could say what it was that was pissing him off. He just wanted everyone to leave, already, and let him get back to the way things were supposed to be.

Faith was looking at him, concerned and confused. Bosco sighed and tried again.

"There's a lot of people out there."

"I guess you aren't used to that, huh?"

"Not *here*. Out there, yeah. It's New York, of course there's people everywhere. But not here." He was used to being alone, in his own home. His den away from the world where almost nobody ever came in, and nobody ever stayed.

Faith nodded, clapped him on the leg, and stood up. She didn't say anything as she left, and Bosco just watched her go. She left the door open a crack, but he could have heard her anyway.

Telling everyone it was time to leave.

Bosco drew his knees up, slung his arms around his legs and waited. There wasn't much argument, not even from his mother. But maybe that was because Michelle was inviting them over to their place for lunch, and no doubt for a huge gossip.

But they were all heading for the door. He could hear them, hear Faith telling them thanks for the help and we'll call and take care. Pretty soon the front door closed and it was only him -- and Brian. Even Faith had gone.

Bosco stared at the bedroom door. Soon enough, Brian pushed the door open.


Bosco scowled at him. Brian just walked around the bed and sat down, half-turning around to face him.

"How did my mom find out?" he demanded. He sure as hell hadn't told her, because as far as he was concerned... Well, he wasn't going to admit it was happening, even if it was pretty obvious that it was.

"Are you kidding?" Brian was sincerely surprised. "Town's not *that* big, not that many wolves here. Everyone who knows you, knew about this pretty much as soon as I told Michelle and the others. Although that's probably because Cindy talks like there's no tomorrow." He grinned. "Your cousin showed up the very next day, checking us out. Me, at least. Then your mother and Theresa showed, and I've met your uncle Roger and some of his pack--"

Bosco let his head fall onto his knees. His entire network of relatives knew. It was a wonder only his mother and grandmother had shown up, today.

"They're all glad you're finally living with someone." Brian said it like he was reciting something. Like he wasn't the 'someone'. Bosco didn't raise his head. This wasn't really happening, was it?

Only it was, and he really was too late to stop it. He should never have let Brian stay, that first night. It had been too easy not to kick him out, then the second time there seemed to be even less reason to say no. Eventually it had slipped into a third, fourth, fifth time until somehow, every weekend, he knew Brian was going to be there.

Six months later and here he was, all of his belongings, making room for himself in Bosco's home.

"You want me to leave you alone?" Brian suddenly asked, and Bosco shocked himself by shaking his head.

"I's been awhile," he finally said.

"Ten years," Brian said, like Bosco didn't know. "Takes some getting used to, I bet." When Bosco didn't respond, Brian stood up. "I'm gonna get some stuff unpacked. Never did like having boxes everywhere." He smiled, and headed for the bathroom. Bosco listened as Brian started putting his things away.

He really wasn't sure he was ready for this.


He managed to stay out of Brian's way the rest of the afternoon. Whatever room Brian was in, unpacking, Bosco would manage to hang out somewhere else. Not avoiding him, just...he wasn't really sure. Trying to stay out from underfoot, he told himself. Didn't want to get roped into helping unpack.

They ate dinner in front of the TV, watching the game and taking turns yelling at the ref. Then Bosco cleaned up, Brian went back to unpacking. While he was in the kitchen Bosco found a lot of his stuff had been shoved around so he started re-arranging it. He didn't move Brian's stuff to the back -- despite thinking about it -- but instead put everything side-by-side.

When he finished the kitchen it occurred to him that the bathroom was probably the same way. He went to check and found it not as bad as the kitchen, but enough that needed re-arranging anyhow. He'd emptied a drawer a few days ago, during an argument with Brian about the fact he was *not* moving in this weekend. But of course Brian had more than one drawer's worth of stuff, so Bosco cleared his stuff from one of the cupboards and moved his towels off of one of the shelves.

Finally it was time for bed. Brian didn't say anything about the kitchen or bathroom, didn't even raise and eyebrow or give him a smirk. Bosco didn't ask him how much unpacking he'd gotten done.

Instead, he just stripped down to his underwear and climbed into bed. He wasn't convinced he was going to fall asleep, but they had tomorrow off and he could sleep later, if he had to. He lay on his side, back towards the middle of the bed.

Brian turned off the light and Bosco listened to him get ready for the night. Finally he crawled into bed and a second later, he was spooned up behind Bosco. An arm draped over Bosco's stomach and Bosco found himself relaxing for the first time all day.

"You all right?" Brian asked, though Bosco knew he didn't need to.

"Yeah." He swallowed back an explanation, not wanting to try to cover his behavior with a lot of words. They lay there for awhile, not talking. Neither of them anywhere nearly ready to sleep. Brian was stroking his stomach, just a little, petting him.

Bosco closed his eyes and shifted back, against him. He felt Brian press his face close, then, "Roll over."

He could smell it. Couldn't deny it. Bosco rolled onto his back, opening his eyes again. He didn't say anything as Brian moved his hand down, pulled his underwear down around his thighs. Bosco lifted up and Brian pulled them off the rest of the way.

Brian was already naked. Pressed against Bosco's hip and he closed his eyes again, not moving as Brian ran his hand down Bosco's side and cupped his cock that was already half-hard.

Brian kissed him on the neck, on the jaw, and Bosco turned his head just enough to meet the next one. Brian kissed him, hard and hungry.
Bosco opened his mouth and Brian pushed his tongue in, hot and wet and touching him everywhere. Brian's hand was pulling at his cock, and Bosco moaned.

Then Brian leaned away and nudged him towards the edge of the bed. It only took a second for him to figure it out; Bosco rolled away towards the night stand and yanked open the bottom drawer. He handed the lube to Brian, not convinced he knew which way Brian wanted to do this.

He watched as Brian squeezed lube onto his fingers, then Brian nudged Bosco's leg. He lifted it, growing harder as Brian reached down and began spreading his fingers inside Bosco's ass. Brian smiled at him and Bosco would have snarled -- except Brian was fucking him and Bosco really didn't care if he wanted to get smug about it.

Brian kissed him, though. Hard, nearly mashing his teeth into Bosco's. Shoved his finger deeper inside him and Bosco whimpered, lifting his leg more to give him room. Brian moved away without warning, sitting back on his heels and spread lube over his cock.

Bosco watched, holding his leg by the knee and bringing the other one up when Brian finally moved over. Brian positioned himself, placing his hands on the mattress on either side of Bosco's hips. Bosco expected him to say -- something. Anything, but Brian just pushed his hips forward and fucked him.

Bosco's head fell back onto the pillow, and he felt his muscles lock up. Throat tight, and his hands trying to grip *something*. Brian pushed in, then pulled back out and the breather wasn't anything like a breather because Brian was fucking him again and Bosco was barely able to gasp for air.

In, and out, and Brian set up a slow steady rhythm that was going to drive Bosco insane. He wanted to snap at him to move, to fuck him harder. But when he lifted his head, Brian put his hand on Bosco's stomach. Stroked gently and just looked at him. Bosco shivered and couldn't say a word. He tried anyhow, got his jaw moving but there weren't any words coming out.

His body was moving in time to Brian's thrusts, rocking back and forth. Brian's hand was still petting him, his cock driving in but not nearly as hard as Bosco needed. He'd been fucked before and usually loved it, but there was something missing this time and it wasn't just that Brian was watching him so closely.

But Brian was fucking him, deep enough he could feel it, hard enough to shove him up the bed, yet there was something missing. Bosco yanked his gaze from the ceiling to meet Brian's eyes and saw what wasn't there. There was no violence. No struggle, no fight for what they both knew they wanted. Brian was just fucking him, and despite the fact it felt damn good it was also....

Bosco shouted, and couldn't hold himself still. He heard Brian whispering to him, words about being good and easy and let go. But his body was out of control, and he was coming a lot sooner than he'd wanted to, and he was shouting something back at Brian that he didn't want to say.

He was shaking, coming so hard that it couldn't be right. Not like this, not from something so easy and gentle. But Brian was still stroking him, petting his stomach and his leg and fucking him, sweet and easy and he was, he was coming from this.

Bosco drove his head back, body clenched and he felt Brian gasp, felt him freeze, then he was fucking harder like Bosco had wanted. As Bosco fell limp, Brian shoved his way inside. Started to lose control and Bosco held his legs up, out of the way, not bothering to hide the smile that was forcing its way onto his face.

Brian's hands were gripping his hips, hard enough now to leave bruises. Bosco shivered, and then Brian was coming, slamming hard into Bosco's ass. He froze again, then pushed inside easy and slow one more time. Then he drew back all the way, and let himself fall to the bed beside Bosco.

As he settled down, Bosco rolled onto his side, wondering if he should stay on his back so they'd be face to face. But Brian slung his arm over Bosco's middle, like always, and snuggled in tightly.

Bosco found himself wide awake, but stayed still. After a few moments, Brian asked, "All right?" He sounded sleepy, but more awake than Bosco would have guessed.

"Yeah," he said, and he found that for a change he wasn't lying.

Brian kissed his shoulder and let his head drop back onto the pillow. Bosco waited, not sure if he wanted to talk or let Brian sleep.

They'd never done this before. Hadn't talked about it as a reason Brian was moving in. No one had acted like they expected it -- despite the way his mother had looked at him, smiling like he'd finally decided to settle down.

Except with wolves, it was settling down whether or not you had sex with the wolf you were sleeping with. So why....

He felt Brian nuzzle his shoulder blade. Bosco rolled over, and Brian scooted back and propped himself up on an elbow. Bosco found that he had no idea what he wanted to say.

Brian leaned down and kissed him.

"Is this why you moved in?" Bosco asked.

"This is why you let me," Brian said, and Bosco couldn't figure out why that made sense.


Brian grinned. "I have a nose, I'm not blind."

Bosco found himself blushing. He hadn't ever been *that* turned on. A little, but nothing more than any guy would be when he was around someone he was attracted to. It wasn't like he'd been inside-out over Brian.

"Why are you here?" he found himself asking. The last time he'd slept with a wolf, a guy, had been that disastrous pack so long ago. It had broken them up, and sent him out on his own because Mitchell couldn't deal and the others had sided with Mitchell.

Brian was holding him, kissing his face and petting him gently. "Shh."

"Why are you--" he began again, but he didn't want to ask. Didn't want to know, and what if Brian's pack returned and took him away? Decided to move in but only as long as Bosco took his rightful place at the bottom where Mitchell had decided he belonged?

Brian was still kissing him, never on the mouth but here and there. Neck, cheek, ear. Soft and slow, the same way he'd fucked him.

"How long are you gonna stay?" The question slipped out and Bosco wanted to shoot himself. His gun wasn't that far away; he could probably grab it and cock it before Brian could stop him.

"Long as you want me to, moron. What did you think, I'd move all those boxes to get a little free ass?"

Bosco scowled and got his hand on Brian's chest, intending to shove him away. But Brian caught his hand and held it. Bosco started to pull his hand back, but found Brian looking at him. Caught there, and he wanted to move, wanted to respond to all those instincts telling him to run.

Brian just waited. Held Bosco's hand against his chest. Bosco could feel the thin sheen of sweat on his skin and, lightly, the beat of his heart. "Why the hell are you here?" he asked again.

This time Brian shook his head. He tugged at Bosco's arm, drawing him in. Kissed him, and Bosco knew this wasn't an answer.

It couldn't be.

He pulled away and Brian let him go. He turned over onto his side, and closed his eyes. He was going to sleep and ignore Brian and his stupid cryptic nonsense. He felt Brian lay down and put his arm right back where it always went.

Bosco didn't move as Brian spooned in behind him. Didn't say anything even though he knew Brian was still awake.

He pushed his face deeper into the pillow and thought about getting up in the morning and heading for the gym. He'd meant to invite Brian, but he thought maybe instead he'd go alone.

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