Five and a Finn

They'd talked about it quite a bit. Sometimes just the two of them, other times with all three. They worked hard to keep things relaxed, open. Casual -- letting Kim get used to the idea that yes, Bosco and Jimmy both enjoyed having her around. That Bosco wasn't lying when he said he didn't feel threatened.

Right now she was standing across the room, alternately holding her hands and dropping them to her side -- the rate at which she changed told Bosco when she was nervous, when she was relaxed. Jimmy, alternatively, was stable -- nervous, but collected. Determined good cheer as he entertained them, kept the conversation flowing. Always growing a little closer to their intended topic, then backing away before anyone called attention to it.

Bosco simply waited. The two of them had planned this before, and he had no idea if Kim would go for it. He didn't mind, either way -- except that he knew what it would mean to Jimmy. Despite everything, it would make things so much easier for all.

Finally, Bos could see that even the subtly had stopped working. Kim glanced from him, to Jimmy, and Bosco could see she was wondering if she should feel guilty again. Why else would Jimmy be trying to broach a subject she'd said she was willing to accept?

"I don't care if you do," Bosco said, bridging the gap of introducing the topic again -- the part she hadn't yet accepted. He did care, but not the way she thought.

Kim just shook her head. "How can you say that?" She'd asked it before, and Bosco had never been able to give her a new answer.

But Jimmy had come up with an idea to show her, convince her what he meant. So now Bosco looked to Jimmy, and Jimmy walked over to his ex.

Kissed her.

Bosco watched as she first tried to pull away, trying to push him back... before she fell into it. Her hand came up to Jimmy's back, and held on -- then suddenly she stepped away, and sent a frantic look to Bos.

He just smiled, as Jimmy was now walking over to him. He leaned up and met the kiss halfway. Opened his mouth and let his lover's tongue caress his own, briefly, fighting back the urge to yank him down onto the chair with him and to hell with careful planning.

When Jimmy broke the kiss, they both looked over at Kim.

"I don't--" she began.

Bosco sighed. He suspected she did, and simply didn't want to believe it. "Don't you get it? He loves you. He loves me. You love him, I love him. There *is* no problem, here."

They waited while she digested this. Same thing they'd been saying, with graphic new visual aids. Bosco could see the uncertain look on her face beginning to fade.

Jimmy grinned at them both. "Maybe you should kiss her, too." He gave Bosco a wink. Kim just laughed.


That was several days ago. They'd left Kim alone for a while. Let her think things over and get used to the idea that yeah, she believed them. Then Jimmy had called her and invited her to lunch, alone. He'd reported back that things looked promising. Bosco wasn't entirely sure he trusted Jimmy's judgement on that, but when every time he saw Kim at work, he got the same impression.

So now, one more meticulous plan. More carefully thought out, more subject to private debate. Stemmed from a casual comment by Kim, it had lead to Jimmy questioning her further -- teasing her about her off-hand comment, joking her into more detail. He'd shared it with Bosco, who had smiled and said yes.

Now they just had to convince Kim. Again. Bosco had a feeling he was going to be doing that a lot, from now on.

Especially if this worked.

The trick, they'd realized, was to move as quickly as possible. Give her only one chance to say no, right away -- then give her no chance to think twice. Pose the question past the point when she'd say no, before the point she'd regret it tomorrow. Everything had to be carefully orchestrated.

That part had been left to Bosco, who now stood in the shower, rinsing shampoo out of his hair. He'd just had the chance to wonder if he'd have to prolong this -- repeat the lather rinse more times than his short hair could possibly require -- when he heard Jimmy greeting Kim loudly, cheerfully, at the front door.

He rinsed off completely, then shut off the water. He stepped out and grabbed a towel, drying himself off quickly without rushing too much. No point in tripping and breaking an arm -- this wasn't about letting Kim play paramedic on him, still naked from the shower.

Not yet.

Grinning to himself, he put on his robe, and headed out. When he entered the living room he looked surprised. "Kim!"

"Hey, Bos," she said easily. Her comfort with facing he and Jimmy both wearing robes -- Jimmy's hair still wet from his own quick shower earlier -- was a good sign. "Am I early?" she asked, doubtfully.

"Nah," Jimmy reassured her. "We just got a late start, you know?" He sent Bosco a half-suppressed leer.

"Ah." Again she glanced at Bosco, a fleeting expression on her face. Interest, guilt, and a firm, mental, 'none of my business'.

Jimmy started, by casually running a hand down her arm. "You want something to drink?"

"Yeah, sure," she smiled. Bosco headed for the kitchen. When he came back, Jimmy was standing closer to her, saying something quietly. It wasn't anything of import, but Bosco noticed how Kim glanced from Jimmy to him and back. Bosco handed them each a can of beer. As Jimmy took his, he said thanks, and leaned in for a kiss.

It was a long one, open-mouthed and reminiscent of what had kept them awake long into the morning. When Bosco broke it off, he found himself smiling -- half-forgetting that Kim was in the room. When he glanced over, she was diverting her gaze, quickly. Bosco allowed himself a smile.

They spent the next fifteen minutes or so talking, letting Kim work her way into her can of beer. Neither he nor Jimmy made any effort to avoid kissing, or touching each other -- pretending it was all perfectly casual. No one mentioned needing to go change into clothes.

Without apparent warning, the atmosphere suddenly shifted, shaking off any attitude at casual. Bosco stepped back to watch Jimmy give Kim a kiss.

It startled her, he could see that, but he knew what Jimmy was doing. Long, slow, kiss her til she aches for it, seducing her body through her mouth. An already half-aroused body, if the way she kept not-watching them, kept trying to shake herself out of staring, was an accurate indication. He watched as Jimmy touched her, light contact of hands across her nipples, and Bosco stood, walked up behind his lover.

When Jimmy ended the kiss, her eyes snapped to Bosco's -- he could see the apologies already forming. He turned to meet Jimmy, tilting his head for a kiss that would let Kim see.

He heard her whisper Jimmy's name, confused and doubting. Bosco responded by moving backwards towards the couch, Jimmy following right along, never breaking contact.

He fell onto the couch, head back and reaching up to grab onto his lover. Let Jimmy kiss him, caress his chest where the robe gaped open. Made no protest when Jimmy pulled the belt loose to let the robe move freely. He heard another whisper from Kim.

"What are you--" But she didn't move. They'd counted on this, the absolute truth that she wasn't stupid, that she did remember what they'd told her. They'd known she would be confused, but would eventually understand that they weren't just doing this because they were two guys -- and guys never could control themselves. Instead, they hoped, she would realize what they were doing. And say yes, instead of turning and running for the door.

She'd teased Jimmy about watching this, several days before. Jimmy had teased her back, making a joke which had lead to conversations, plans, and now this.

Bosco groaned when Jimmy ran a hand up his leg. As the hand crept higher, thoughts of Kim momentarily dimmed as he concentrated instead about where he wanted the hand to be. Spun back into place as she gasped and he thought about her standing there.

He rolled his head to one side, breaking the kiss and glancing at Kim. Jimmy's hands were still moving, his kiss now slipping down Bosco's neck. Bosco closed his eyes briefly, shivering when Jimmy hit a sensitive spot. When he opened his eyes, Kim was staring.

He reached up and loosened Jimmy's robe. As it fell open, he put his hands up on Jimmy's chest. Touched him gently, running his fingers down his torso, drawing out a moan. Jimmy bucked slightly, pushing towards him, as Bosco's hands went lower.

Bosco heard a hitch in Kim's breathing, and smiled. Tilted his head back for a kiss from Jimmy, then bit back a long groan as Jimmy finally touched him. His legs fell open, and he could feel the robe pulling open -- almost enough. He didn't look over at Kim again, not yet. He moved a bit, trying to pull Jimmy in closer by silent begging, letting the robe fall a little more open as he did.

Then Jimmy was leaning down, pushing at his shoulders. Slipping the upper half of the robe off him, digging his fingers hungrily into Bosco's arms, he latched his lips onto every sensitive spot he'd ever discovered.

Bosco whimpered, once. Then he pressed his mouth onto Jimmy's shoulder, biting slightly as his lover touched him again, running one hand across his chest, and the other slipped into the folds of the robe once more. He gasped as this time, Jimmy's grip was firm. Thrust his hips as Jimmy pulled, threw his head back again and tried to find purchase for his feet, on the floor. He looked over, and found Kim a couple steps closer.

Then his eyes were closing, and he lost himself for a while. Whimpering and gasping as Jimmy did his best to drive him insane, bringing him fast and furious to nearly the edge, before stepping back to watch him regain a tiny measure of his composure -- then moving in again.

At some point Jimmy had dropped his robe, and, when he cared to look, Bosco found his own open, only one small corner draped across his thigh. He rolled his head towards Kim, unable to think about anything except Jimmy's hand, his lips, the faint scrape of teeth on his nipple. As he cried out, he saw how Kim's gaze was focused, riveted where their bodies were touching. She was breathing harder, swaying, no doubt unconsciously, in time with the slow rhythm of Jimmy's hand.

Bosco reached out, and gestured. She stepped forward, still staring, not seeming to care when Bosco let out a harsh groan and pushed his hips up into Jimmy's hand again.

He kept thrusting, pressing his feet against the floor so he could follow every time Jimmy tried to move away. Whether Jimmy was after better leverage or a better grip, he didn't care. He just needed him not to stop anything he was doing. Jimmy had to keep going, because Bosco was trying to concentrate on two things, now.

He groaned louder as Jimmy slipped one hand beneath him, urging him back. Bosco grabbed onto the waistband of Kim's jeans, pulling her towards him, then down to the ground as Jimmy eased him back. Laying on his back on the couch, Kim kneeling beside him, they both watched as Jimmy came up with supplies they'd stashed underneath the couch. A squirt bottle and a condom, and Bosco eagerly raised his legs.

As Jimmy prepared him -- threatening to make him come, at one point, simply by pushing his fingers inside -- Bosco began tugging at Kim's button-fly. Twisting the top button undone, he managed to get her jeans open and down -- with absent-minded assistance from Kim.

When Jimmy leaned forward and began to fuck him, Bosco slipped a finger inside.

She gasped, jutting her hips forward, one hand braced against the couch. She still staring at Jimmy, watching what Bosco could now feel throughout his entire body. Slow, deep thrusts, as deep as was possible in what were not ideal deep-fucking circumstances, but none of them really cared.

It didn't stop Jimmy from making Bosco want to scream every time he pushed in, following each thrust with a slide of his finger against Kim. The hot, wet flesh he found told him yeah, this had been a good decision.

As Jimmy began thrusting harder, Bosco found he didn't even have to move anymore. Kim was moving, now, rubbing herself on his hand, clamping her legs around his wrist once when she thought he was trying to move away.

He lay there, body limp and erection hard -- totally untouched, yet, and he was surprised he was only now noticing. Let Jimmy and Kim fuck themselves, fuck him, taking and pushing and everyone was beginning to breathe even harder and louder.

Bosco tensed, and lifted one leg to partially wrap around Jimmy's waist, wanting to pull Jimmy down towards him. Bosco preferred having the weight of a body covering him, but he could see Kim's eyes devouring him, devouring the sight of Jimmy fucking him, so he didn't try to pull Jimmy down. She was moving faster, now, and he braced his arm to press harder against her.

She grabbed his arm, wrapping her hands around his forearm and continuing to rock back and forth in hard, fast strokes in exact time with the pounding Bosco could feel against his ass. Bosco threw his head back and caught the scream in the back of his throat; Kim cried out, small panting cries as her body began to shake.

Bosco moved his fingers, twisting and slipping one inside and she shouted, short, breathy 'oh's with each new thrust towards him. He could feel Jimmy responding to the sound, ingrained no doubt from years of passion; Jimmy began fucking harder, faster, only a few strokes away from his own outcry.

A hand landed on Bosco's cock, and he closed his eyes briefly. Allowed the grip to wring silent orgasm from him even as Jimmy was coming inside him. He felt his legs pressed back, felt Kim leaning forward, and he opened his eyes in time to see them joined in a kiss, above him.


Another shower, later. Grateful the stall was almost large enough for two, comfortably; large enough for three who didn't mind being plastered against each other or the wall when someone was being soaped. More kisses as they dried off, towels left strewn all over the floor. Then back into bed, with the alarm set for three hours hence, just in case.

With Kim settled in the middle, Jimmy and Bosco embraced, one arm across her body.

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