Five and Dime

Bosco stepped into the dimly lit entryway of the 303. He didn't particularly like being here -- not because he didn't like the club, the music, or the crowd. He actually enjoyed the 303 for all those reasons. But he didn't like needing to be here. But need he did, and so here he was.

He didn't come here a lot, maybe once every three or four months. He thought about it more often, trying to talk himself into just going and not worrying about it. Sometimes he wished he would bite the bullet -- metaphorically -- and drop in once a week and get the hell over feeling paranoid. So far, though, he hadn't. So he made his way to the bar for the first time in three and a half months, and ordered a beer.

When he had the bottle in hand, he turned and looked the crowd over. It was early, for this place -- barely midnight. Thursdays were indeterminate from Fridays in terms of crowd-size and noise level. As he watched, Bosco could easily spot and categorize a half a dozen different types, all of whom he was less than interested in.

There were ones who were obviously *with* whomever they were with, and why they'd bothered leaving the bedroom was beyond him. There were the wallflowers, wondering why the hell they'd let their friends drag them along. There were the ones who were already drunk past the legal limit, and the ones Bosco didn't want to know what they were on so he could stay off-duty and not have to arrest anyone.

There were those simply not his type, though available they might well be. And there were those who were probably better off at other clubs which specialised in whatever they were into. That left a good twenty or thirty guys to look over, and wonder if he had the nerve to approach.

Not yet, at any rate. Not until he'd had another beer and wasn't thinking about good reasons to call it a night and go home. He was only half through the first, so he settled back to simply watch, for now. Maybe someone would approach *him* and take the problem off his hands.

Then, suddenly, waiting for the second beer was the least of his problems.

Ridiculously, Bosco's first impulse was to storm over and demand to know what he was *doing* here. Invading what should have been a private place, someplace he wouldn't run into anyone he knew -- anyone who knew *him*, this far away from his home neighbourhood.

His second impulse was saner -- hide, and hope it wasn't too late. Unfortunately for both impulses, before he could do anything more than drain the rest of his beer, he was caught, watching. He would have bolted had it not been for that shy, almost endearing half-grin that met his gaze.

Bosco found himself standing in place as Doherty made his way over through the crowd.

For a moment they stood there, awkwardly. Finally Doherty asked, "You wanna go through the 'I won't tell if you don't' routine or can I just buy you a beer?"

Bosco blinked. "You're buying? Hell, consider it said."

Doherty laughed, and turned his attention towards the bartender. While he waited those few minutes, Bosco thought and discarded a dozen different things to say. He didn't want to give the other man any excuse for mentioning this to *anyone*, and with Doherty's sense of humour, there was no telling what he might find worth remembering later.

That meant his best course of action was to say as little as possible.

Doherty handed over a bottle identical to the one Bosco had just finished. Then they stood there again, in silence. After a moment Bosco gave him a grin. "You'd think we'd at least be able to insult each other."

Again with the half-grin. "Nah, not interested."

Bosco laughed. "Well, I'm sure not asking if you come here often."

"You wanna talk shop?" Doherty asked, doubtfully.

Bosco shook his head.

Doherty grinned, widely. "Then that leaves one thing -- who do you like?" He gestured at the crowd.

That topic kept them entertained for some time, once they relaxed and actually began sharing opinions. An hour passed, and Bosco realised two things. The first was that he was enjoying himself. The second was that his reason for coming here was *not* anywhere close to being met. With Jimmy's company, he hadn't gone looking to meet anyone, and neither had anyone approached him.

He didn't want to ditch Jimmy, exactly, but he didn't want to come back tomorrow night, either. Nor was he thrilled about the prospect of entertaining himself alone, back home. He nodded at Jimmy's comment about the scary biker dude, and considered. He didn't want to ditch Jimmy, and not only because if it pissed him off he might talk.

Bosco resigned himself to the prospect of simply having a nice time and going home early. Glancing over, he found Jimmy looking at him. "What?"

"Nothing." There was silence for a bit, then, "Gets kinda old, doesn't it?"

Bosco looked at him, confused. "What does?"

Jimmy gestured at the crowd.

"Oh. Yeah." He didn't agree, exactly, but he didn't feel like explaining he wasn't here often enough for it to get old.

"Sometimes...." Jimmy trailed off, and didn't respond when Bosco looked over again.

He figured he knew what was meant. It got old, and it got frustrating, but you couldn't just call it quits and stay home. Not for more than four months at a time, at least.

Suddenly, Jimmy spoke again. "It wouldn't be so bad if I knew someone. I'm as up for casual sex as the next guy, but sometimes... I just wish it wasn't always with a stranger."

Bosco stared at him. He *knew* he was hearing what he was hearing. The question was, did Jimmy know what he was saying?

Jimmy looked over at him. Yeah, he knew. Bosco took another swallow of his beer, third of the evening. When the silence stretched, Jimmy shrugged apologetically. He turned back to watching the crowd, apparently willing to let the unspoken offer remain unacknowledged, unspoken rejection remain as well.

Except Bosco wasn't sure he wanted to say 'no'. He set the beer down and lightly touched Jimmy on the arm. "Are you serious?" It occurred to him this might be an elaborate joke. Someone had found out he was here, and Jimmy had come to string him along only to laugh in his face, later.

Jimmy shrugged again. Bosco couldn't tell if he were serious, or if it *were* a joke.

If it were a joke, Bosco was going to kill him.

Then Jimmy nodded, and his hesitation looked more like nerves and shyness, than holding back laughter. Bosco wondered if he had the nerve to say yes. Or smile, or nod, or do anything but stare at Jimmy, dumbfounded.

Another shrug, and Jimmy said, "I'd like to." It looked like he might have said more, but he turned away again and pretended nonchalance.

It might still be a joke, Bosco told himself. He kept his face as impassive as he could, and nodded. There was that voice in his skull screaming at him, but he ignored it in favour of watching Jimmy grin at him.

There was, after that, no reason to stay. They made their way outside then stopped again. "Your place or mine?" Jimmy asked with a faint grin.

Bosco shrugged. Would Jimmy carry a joke that far? To take him back to Doherty's apartment, perhaps to face a half a dozen firefighters waiting to share the joke? "Mine," he suggested. "I took the subway," he added.

"My car's over there." Jimmy gestured, getting his keys out and looking at Bosco again with that faint expression of uncertainty. Maybe that was all the evidence he needed, that this was no joke.

They talked shop on the drive to Bosco's apartment. By the time they arrived Bosco had almost begun feeling calm again. Now, faced with actually taking Doherty upstairs he found himself asking him what the
hell he was doing.

He told himself he was getting lucky, and shut the annoying little voice up.

Jimmy didn't say a word all the way to Bosco's front door. Bosco got them inside, then stopped only long enough for the other man to laugh and yell 'surprise'. Jimmy closed the door behind him, then grabbed Bosco and kissed him.

He thought, fleetingly, that this was a well-executed prank, before he fell against the wall, Jimmy still firmly attached to his mouth. As the other man pressed up against him, Bosco realised that *if* it were a joke, it had gone much farther than Doherty had intended. He could feel the press of an erection on his leg, and he moved slightly to rub against it.

Jimmy responded by pushing up against him hard. All thought of holding himself back fled. Bosco grabbed Jimmy's arms and held him tightly, spreading his legs to balance himself against the press of Jimmy's body on his. After a minute, when Jimmy leaned back to inhale deeply, Bosco gave him a gentle shove.

"Bedroom," he explained at Jimmy's confused look.

Jimmy grinned. Bosco led him down the hall, trying not to let the brief interlude give that voice time to come up with more excuses not to do this. Then he turned around and Jimmy was on him, stripping him out of his shirt before kissing him again.

He backed up towards the bed, drawing Jimmy after him. The little voice was regulated to the very back of his skull where it could only sulk, and watch. Bosco concentrated on getting Jimmy undressed. Jacket, shirt, and belt hit the floor, then Jimmy was in his way. Holding him, touching, kissing again -- Bosco kept his patience as long as he could before pushing Jimmy back once more.

This time Jimmy stepped back, and, watching Bosco closely, stripped off his jeans. Bosco felt a jolt down his spine, ending at his cock. He wanted a hundred things and couldn't decide which. They all involved one more thing, though, so he took off his own jeans before trying to decide.

Jimmy was looking him up and down, so he returned the favour. For a few moments -- then he took Jimmy's arm and pulled. Jimmy grinned. "Have you got...?"

"Drawer," Bosco nodded towards the nightstand. Jimmy went over and opened the drawer; he pulled out a condom and the lube. He raised an eyebrow at Bosco in question. Bosco nodded, and Jimmy returned to his side.

"Lie down," Jimmy whispered in his ear.

Bosco swallowed, nervous and so aroused he wasn't sure he could have done anything except lie down and wait. Jimmy ran a finger down Bosco's thigh and he trembled, lifting his legs as Jimmy moved forward to kneel between them. He felt a finger touching him and sparks shattered along his spine.

He arched into the touch, which then vanished. He raised his head and caught Jimmy opening the condom, and putting it on. "Oh god," he whispered, then Jimmy was touching him again with a slickened finger.

He let his head fall back onto the bed and wrapped his legs firmly around Jimmy's waist. It didn't take long for the touch to vanish again, but this time it was quickly replaced. Jimmy pressed himself against him, then stopped. Bosco moved his hips, wondering if he'd need to beg.

"You're already loose," Jimmy noted.

"Then fuck me!" Bosco growled.

"All right, all right," Jimmy replied, but his teasing tone disappeared as soon as he pushed farther in. Bosco heard him gasp, then he heard very little at all but his own moans.

He could feel Jimmy leaning over him, hands flat on the bed as he thrust inside. Bosco tried to keep his legs up, but soon the relentless pounding made it impossible to do anything but lie there, half pressed in on himself, and let Jimmy in.

They were both panting, now, nearly in tandem as Jimmy thrust harder, rocking them back and forth on the mattress. Bosco arched his neck, trying to inhale as deeply as he could between each shove. Then he was screaming, and Jimmy was pushing faster, then he felt a hand wrapping around his erection and pumping as hard as fast as the one splitting him open. He closed his eyes and his mind exploded, one cell at a time.

He could still feel Jimmy moving, still thrusting with the same fierce rhythm. It wasn't long, though, before he heard a strangled cry and the other man was tensing, nearly vibrating in place. Then Jimmy was slumping down on top of him. Bosco grinned and shifted slightly to accommodate him. Jimmy slung an arm over him and settled in.

"Hey." Bosco nudged him.


"Move that way." He nudged him again. Jimmy moved in the proper direction, and Bosco followed. The move allowed him to grab the coverlet and drag it over them. "It gets cold," he explained. Jimmy just nodded sleepily. He draped his arm back over Bosco, hugging him tightly for a moment. Bosco closed his eyes and let that other little voice come out for a second before he fell asleep, as well.

All it had time to say was 'wait until morning'.

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