Everyday Afternoons

Author's Note: written for a mail-for-smut card; it's short because it had to fit on two pieces of stationary. ;-)

Bosco paused just inside the doorway. There were three perps inside, he knew. He'd just reloaded and he had on his full armor - vest and helmet.

Should be a piece of cake.

His heart was pounding fast; he took a deep breath and dove in. The first guy popped up from behind a pile of boxes and Bosco blew him away. The second leapt out from the other side of the room and as Bosco turned to fire, the third perp came out from the corner. Bosco kept firing, not thinking, just reacting.

Soon he was the only one left standing.

"Pretty good."

Bosco looked over at Bobby, who was sitting beside him on the couch. "Pretty good? I killed three guys with only five bullets and I didn't take any damage."

With a smirk, Bosco tossed the controller at him. Bobby caught it, and gave him a doubtful look. "You've already beat me at this level four times. Don't you get tired of whipping my ass?"

"You wanna do something else?" Bosco leered at him.

Bobby grinned, and dropped the controller on the floor. "I can think of something more fun you can do to my ass, that's for sure."

"Maybe, but I've just won four times in a row -- which means I get to choose."

Bobby held out his hands in mock-surrender. "As long as it involves us being naked."

"One of us, anyway." Bosco laughed, then leapt up and ran down the hallway with Bobby in close pursuit. He lost his shirt in the hallway, his shoes in the doorway, and leapt for the bed as he undid his jeans. He'd got them halfway down his hips before Bobby was upon him.

Bosco lay still as Bobby yanked his jeans down, exposing his ass.

"Think maybe it's time for me to whip *your* ass?" Bobby said, menacingly.

"If you think you can take me," Bosco retorted, though his cock was all for the idea and let everybody in the room know it.

Instead of smacking him, though, Bobby just reached down and grabbed onto Bosco's jeans, and roughly flipped him over onto his stomach. His cock was all for *that* idea, as well.

He felt a finger touch him -- briefly, lightly, then it went away and there was a tell-tale snap of the bottle of lube being opened. A second later, Bobby was shoving his finger inside Bosco's ass. Bosco pushed himself backwards, and Bobby responded by sliding in a second finger.

Bosco lay there and groaned, and tried to get his knees under him. His jeans were in the way, and Bobby wasn't helping him get into position to be properly fucked. In fact, Bobby was just still using his fingers like that was all he intended to do.

"You gonna use anything else?" he demanded, not caring how breathy he sounded.

Bobby leaned down across his back, and said in his ear, "Can't. You said only one of us was gonna be naked. So I guess I gotta be creative."

Bosco dropped his head, and groaned, hard. He wasn't about to beg him -- he was supposed to be the one making demands, after all. But Bobby shoved three fingers inside his ass and he really didn't care that much about talking, anymore.

"That all right?" Bobby asked in a innocent tone.

"Fuck you," Bosco growled, and Bobby laughed.

"Change your mind?" He pulled his hand away.

"No! Dammit--" Before he could roll over and thump Bobby with a pillow, Bobby had something else inside him. WHen he'd grabbed a dildo from the nighttable, Bosco didn't know. Didn't care. "Oh, fucking hell," he breathed. as Bobby fucked him with it.

And fucked him. And fucked him, until Bosco was screaming and coming all over the place.

Then Bobby slapped his ass, lightly. "Now we're gonna play Grand Theft Auto -- that I can beat *you* at."

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