Dog's Day

He was in trouble. He was in a lot of trouble. If anybody found him.

Bosco scrunched down behind the dumpster, glad that he'd actually found an alleyway that was otherwise unoccupied. He'd hidden his clothes in a bag, shoved it under the dumpster and settled in to wait til morning. Hoping that no one came along and found him before then. Hoping even more that he wouldn't fall asleep and wake up naked.

It wasn't the first time he'd been caught out of doors when the sun went down to a full moon. But he should have made it home in time -- would have, if the freakin' taxi hadn't had a blown-out tire and no spare.

But he'd made it to cover in time, and from the lack of screaming he was pretty sure no one had seen him. He rested his chin on his front paws and tried to ignore the fact that he could smell a hell of a lot better now.

There was a flash of light against the wall, and he heard someone walking into the alley. Heard, and smelled a man and a dog. There was no way the dog wasn't going to find him.

"Go on, Brian," he heard the guy say. "What's in there?"

Bosco waited, tense, as the dog near closer. He found himself baring his fangs, despite himself. Then the dog's -- wolf's -- head came into

Brian fell onto his ass, laughing. Bosco growled at him.

"What is it?" A big cop came into sight, and he shone his light on Bosco's face. "Hey, Brian?" he asked, obviously confused.

Bosco sneered at Brian again. Officer Brian Delacourt, and his partner Lou Menetti. Menetti was a huge guy with dark hair and thick body that made him look like he should have been a professional weightlifter or football coach. Brian's wolf coat had a hint of the sandy colour Bosco knew was the colour of his hair when he was human -- but otherwise his massive wolf form only hinted at the thin, wiry man he was the rest of the month.

He'd had known they worked K-9 three nights every month... Bosco stood up; Brian's tail was still pounding the asphalt like he was a damned puppy or something. Bosco growled again, and Brian looked at him -- then darted to one side and grabbed the bag Bosco had stashed his clothes in. Brian ducked behind his partner and stood there -- laughing his wolf ass off.

Bosco leapt after him and got as far as chasing him around Menetti in a circle three times before Menetti got his hand on Brian's collar and
yanked him out of the way. Menetti took the bag and dug into it, finally finding and pulling out Bosco's wallet and badge. He read them twice, before looking at Bosco.

"All right, you two," Menetti said, sounding like he was the senior officer on the scene. Which, actually, Bosco realised he was. "Get in the car!" He'd got the bag away from Brian, and was carrying it to the car, so Bosco had to follow, if only because his wallet was in there. Brian jumped at him once more, then scampered to the car. Bosco followed, only giving Menetti a very soft growl when he herded the two of them into the back, together.

Menetti tossed Bosco's bag into the front seat, got in, then turned around and looked at him for a long moment. Then he grinned. "We get off duty at seven. If you piss in my car, I'll make you clean it with your tongue."

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