~ for Mona, who wanted fluff.

Bosco didn't get home until nearly 1.30 in the morning. He didn't mind that so much -- going right home after work wasn't something he normally did, even when the shift ended at eleven like it was supposed to. But tonight he'd been a little on edge, and he'd wanted to try to wind down before heading home.

It hadn't worked so well, and as he unlocked the front door he wondered if maybe he shouldn't try calling Jimmy.

He opened the door and found the kitchen light on, and reached for his gun before he recognised his intruder.

"What the hell? You trying to get shot?"

Jimmy just raised an eyebrow at him. "You gave me a key, remember?"

Bosco dropped his bag in the hallway. "Not so you could sneak in here without telling me."

Jimmy gave him a confused look, and was starting to grin at him -- like in another minute he was going to be laughing. "Then why'd you give me a key?"

"So you could get in--" He stopped, and gave Jimmy a dirty look to shut him up before he could make a wisecrack. "In case of emergencies, stuff like that. Like last month when you had to come by and get your wallet which you left in my bathroom. Not so you could scare the crap
outta me and nearly get shot."

He'd given Jimmy a key to his place right after that. They tended to spend the night at his place more often than at Jimmy's, because Bosco
lived closer to work than Jimmy did, and he didn't have a gossipy neighbor who would tell Jimmy's ex-wife about the man he was sleeping with.

For a moment Jimmy looked worried, like maybe he'd really pissed Bosco off. But the fact was, Bosco's heart was just racing from the surprise -- and he *didn't* deal well with surprise. At all. Bosco gave himself a second to push aside the desire to yell, then he moved forward and gave Jimmy a open-mouthed kiss instead.

Jimmy let him, and they stood there for a moment not arguing about anything stupid like the proper use of a boyfriend's key. When Bosco let him go, he asked, "So why are you here?"

Looking a bit sheepish, Jimmy said, "Wanted to surprise you. You know... happy birthday?"

Bosco froze. Shit. Now he was the one trying to give Jimmy a cute look, so maybe he'd decide he didn't want to kill Bosco. Now Jimmy did laugh -- his efforts must have been too obvious. Jimmy pulled him over again by the arm and gave him another quick kiss.

"Sorry. I didn't think... I mean, I would have expected something tonight," Bosco said when he had possession of his tongue again.

"Technically, your birthday started at midnight."

"Good point. So -- do I get presents?" Bosco hoped his present involved unwrapping the man he was pressed up against. Even if it wasn't something new, or unusual. It was always a hell of a lot of fun.

Jimmy's eyes lit up, and Bosco could tell he was as excited about this as he no doubt hoped Bosco would be. This was the first time since they'd become lovers that they'd had anything to celebrate -- holiday or birthday. He didn't know what sort of plans Jimmy would have made, but it was cool to see Jimmy's obvious anticipation at revealing them.

"You get presents," Jimmy began, then said quickly in a much sterner tone, "If you're good."

Bosco felt his cock jump at that. "Oh, I can be *very* good." He looked Jimmy up and down, letting him know just how good he was willing
to be.

Jimmy touched his lips with a finger, lightly. It made Bosco's skin tingle and he reached for it, intending to suck it into his mouth.

"Not yet," Jimmy said, surprising him again. "I have something to show you first."

He went willingly as Jimmy took his hand and led him into the living room. There, on the coffee table, was a pile of something shiny -- wrapped in a huge red bow. For a second he was afraid Jimmy had done something really sappy and romantic and he'd have to pretend to like it. Then he got a step closer and saw what was wrapped up. He beat Jimmy to the table.

"Oh man! This is great!" He picked up the top hubcap on the pile, and turned it over slowly. It was *exactly* what he'd been wanting for his
car. He glanced down at the others on the table, confirming that indeed there were four, identical hubcaps -- authentic, not remakes. Unless somebody was really, really good at making custom, classic hubcaps.

He looked up at Jimmy, not sure what to say other than 'thank you' and 'fuck me as much as you want.'

"I was going to get you some flowers, but I thought..." Jimmy shook his head, slowly. Then he grinned. Seeing Jimmy this happy was making him want to forget about anymore presents and get right on with the sex. Or even -- hell. Just holding him. Maybe something romantic and sappy wasn't all that out of place.

"This is fantastic. These are fantastic!" He stopped himself from saying anything else and sounding stupid, and went over and gave Jimmy another, much more whole-hearted, kiss. Both of them were breathing hard when he broke it off. The hubcap was still in his hand, and he wondered how pissed Jimmy would be if he went down, now, to put them on.

With a knowing smile, Jimmy took the hubcap out of his hand. "So, you wanna go play with your new toys? Or you wanna unwrap your other present?" The way he said it, and the way he was running his hand up Bosco's ass, told him exactly what that other present was.

"I'll do this later," he said, setting the hubcap on the couch, carefully. He turned back around to find Jimmy holding out a small, wrapped box.

His heart skipped a beat. No way. It was too big for... no, it wasn't. But it wasn't even legal, anyway, in New York. He took the box, hoping to god his face wasn't showing the fear he was pretty sure was all over his face anyway, and opened it.

It was a key. Bosco let out a breath, slowly, and picked it up to read the tag, even though he realised he didn't really need to.

After a moment, Jimmy said, "It's so you can... sneak in and get shot." He didn't sound like he cared what Bosco had thought it was, or like he was gonna tease him for it. Bosco took a moment to wonder about *that*, then decided he didn't want to think about it at all.

Bosco returned Jimmy's smile, feeling like maybe, despite the two near-heart-attacks, he was having the best birthday in a long, long time. "I'm the one with a gun, remember?"

But Jimmy just kept grinning at him, and Bosco decided that he'd waited long enough. It was his birthday, dammit, and he was going to have as much sex as he wanted.

He gave Jimmy a gentle shove towards the bedroom, and Jimmy went. Before he followed, Bosco slipped the key to Jimmy's apartment onto his keyring and set it on the table.