Third Watch Stories

Birthdays ~ Bosco/Jimmy (PG-15)
Bosco gets home to find a surprise.
Down Among the Dead Men ~ gen (PG)
Bosco is having a really bad day.
Offshift ~ Bosco/Sully (NC-17)
A missing scene from "Sunny, Like Sunshine".
Responsible Partners ~ Bosco/Caffey (NC-17)
Er, no plot. No summary.
Standing in the Dark ~ Jimmy/Bosco pre-slash (G)
A ficlet to celebrate a new third watch slash community on lj.
Talk It Out ~ Bosco/m (G)
A short introspective piece.
To Serve and Protect, But Not Jump or King ~ gen (G)
Davis and Sullivan take a call that isn't quite up their alley.
Feliz ~ Bosco/Bobby (PG13)
Christmas is a time for families.
Pissed Off and Fancy Free ~ Bobby/Bosco plus surprise guests (PG13)
Bosco is grumpy and isn't afraid to let anyone know it. Werewolf AU, not connected to any of the other werewolf AUs.

Four and a Penny Universe

Five and Dime ~ Bosco/Jimmy (NC-17)
A near-PWP. Bosco meets Doherty in an unexpected place. Results ensue.
Five and a Quarter ~ Bosco/Jimmy (PG-13)
Bosco has a difficult decision to make with regards to his relationship with Jimmy.
Five and Fifty ~ Bosco/Jimmy (PG-13)
Bosco finds he needs some help dealing with Jimmy.
Five and a Single ~ Bosco/Jimmy (PG)
Kim provides a plot-twist.
Five and a Finn ~ Bosco/Jimmy/Kim (NC-17)
Mostly a PWP. Threesome warning.
Five and a Sawbuck ~ Bosco/Jimmy (R)
Bosco and Jimmy acheiving a level of normalcy. Sort of. WIP.
Chapters Four and Five added 05/27/04.

In Cop's Clothing Series

In Cop's Clothing ~ gen (G)
Co-written with Wolfling. [website]
An AU story. Yokas finds out more than she expected about her partner.
Dog's Day ~ gen (G)
More people find out.
Man's Best... Something ~ preslash (PG)
Bosco is working a K-9 unit and is loving every minute of it. Or not so much.
The Ever Growing Quagmire ~ preslash (G)
Just another bad night.
Training Ground ~ preslash (G)
Yokas learns how to be a K-9 cop.
A Treat For You ~ preslash (G)
Bosco finds that Yokas is getting used to the new situation.
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps ~ Bosco/Brian (PG-13)
Bosco gets a little alone time with Brian. Joy.
Games ~ Bosco/Brian (PG)
The world was apparently still scheming in the "get Bosco a roommate" plot, despite the fact he didn't want one.
There's No Place Like Home ~ Bosco/Brian (NC-17)
Brian moves in. Bosco is flummoxed.
Many Shades of Wolf Coats ~ Bosco/Brian (R)
A few different days in Bosco's life.

800 x 600 wallpaper (click to enlarge)
Made by Claire [website]

Unnamed Series

Just Friends or Something Like It ~ Bosco/Caffey (NC-17)
A kiss leads to something more, even if it wasn't exactly meant to.
Everyday Afternoons ~ Bosco/Caffey (NC-17)
PWP. What more do you need to know?