Although the red sphere was pulling him, Obi-Wan couldn't help but be drawn toward the brighter white area. He felt like he was in a daze as he reached out along the tendril of energy that connected to the white light.

There was some resistance, but the pull toward the light was too strong, and Obi-Wan continued.


Qui-Gon sat quietly, allowing Obi-Wan behind his shields so that they might resolve the problems that lay between them. He wasn't prepared, however, for his Padawan to become distracted while inside his mind. Qui-Gon watched with growing concern as Obi-Wan ventured farther and farther away from the red sphere he'd come to associate with his feelings for his apprentice. Rather, Obi-Wan moved inward.

Qui-Gon tried to arrange hasty shields around the innermost area, only to watch as Obi-Wan kept moving forward all the same. He was faced with two options. He could let Obi-Wan continue, and see the secrets that he had long buried so deeply, hiding them from anyone's touch. Or he could force Obi-Wan back, hopefully toward the love that he had intended for him to see.

Let Obi-Wan continue forward.

Push Obi-Wan back.