Although he knew his old friend would holler at him, Qui-Gon entered his acceptance into the datapad. The information was sped instantly -- or nearly so -- to the Jedi Temple's central systems, where it would be found and acted upon by the Quartermasters' department.

Hesitantly, he looked up at Mace.

"What..." he began, then apparently read the answer off of Qui-Gon's face. "You didn't! What in the world are you thinking? He'll believe you don't love him, now!" Mace was almost genuinely angry -- definitely exasperated.

"Mace, if this is what he chooses, I have no right to prevent him from taking this action."

"You're his Master."

"Yes. But he need not be forced to live in my quarters, if he wishes otherwise. Many Padawans his age live in separate quarters." Qui-Gon answered with a calm he was surprised he felt.

"But not because they think their love is being spurned," Mace responded.

Qui-Gon opened his mouth the deny it, and stopped. It would, indeed, appear that way to Obi-Wan, despite whatever reasons his Padawan had for making the request. Assuming, of course, Obi-Wan knew that Qui-Gon knew why Obi-Wan was making the request. If he thought his feelings were truly hidden, he would feel only relief at the granting of his request.

"Uh-huh," Mace nodded. "Looks like the brain is finally caught up."

Qui-Gon glared at his friend. "I know what I'm doing," he insisted. But somehow, now, he wasn't so sure.


Four levels down, on the floor where the older Padawans lived when they didn't quarter with their Masters, Obi-Wan was pacing. Kurg was watching him, an expression of worried amusement on his face. They'd been friends for only a year, after an attempt at dating had failed miserably and left them better friends than lovers.

"If he grants your request, what are you going to do? There aren't any empty rooms down here, you know," Kurg said after a moment.

"I know. I could take a room one level down."

"With the kids? Obi-Wan...."

"Or I can double up with someone. I've... plenty of friends down here," he continued, awkwardly. When he'd made his request he'd thought everything out. He didn't mind living near the creches, nor with a friend. As long as he got out of his Master's room, and away from the reminders of temptation. He hadn't actually asked anyone if he could double up, but he had no doubts he could find someone to agree. Padawans were on Coruscant so rarely, anyhow, between missions that it would seem little like sharing a room.

"You're welcome to live with me," came the quiet, unexpected offer.

Obi-Wan stopped, and looked at his friend.

Obi-Wan accepts Kurg's offer.

Obi-Wan declines Kurg's offer.