The senator touched him then, his fingers cool and dry, and Obi-Wan froze, every nerve in his body screaming with pain.

The future and the past lay tangled out before him: a slave boy; a young girl; Qui-Gon, his face twisted in pleasure and then in agony; bone-dry years in a bone-dry desert; the darkness and the slave boy and the galaxy...

He pulled himself free of the senator's touch, his body shaking. "No more," he said. "No more, please."

"Don't you want to know?" asked the senator, his voice low and kind.

"No. No. I don't have visions. Not me. It's not my gift. Please, no." He stood up, swayed dangerously, and caught himself on the wall. "Let me go."

The senator lets him go

The senator does not let him go