"Yes, you are. But I can see that arguing with you won't help." With that, Obi-Wan rose and took a few steps toward the door. "I'll see you this evening?"

The curiousity must have been eating at Qui-Gon, because he actually let it show on his face for a moment before his face returned to its blank mask. "This evening?"

"The bonding ceremony for Master Meeb and Master Ange."

For a moment, it looked as if he would try to avoid going, then his friendship with Master Ange won out, and he nodded. "I'll see you there."

Obi-Wan went back to his room and began to prepare for the bonding ceremony. He dressed carefully, taking particular interest in his appearance. Qui-Gon wouldn't look at him as an adult until forced. So then Obi-Wan would just have to force him.

The ceremony itself was rather short. Once the formalities were taken care of at the reception, the bonded couple had their first dance together. Obi-Wan was seated at a table with his master, but when the dancing began for all, he got up without a word a nd crossed the room, intent on one person.

"Master Epergene, I wonder if you might honor me with a dance?" It was unusual, to say the least, for a padawan to ask a master to dance, but as this particular man was a friend of Qui-Gon's and had been a frequent guest in their quarters for dinner over the years, Obi-Wan had no doubt he would get away with it without problem.

And then there was the fact that Obi-Wan was certain the handsome Jedi master was interested in him. The way the man had looked at him over the course of the last year, not to mention the fact that Qui-Gon had all but stopped inviting him over after the l ooks had started, made it quite obvious.

After a sidelong glance to where Qui-Gon was still sitting at the table across the room, Master Epergene smiled and stood. "It would be my pleasure."

The song was just ending as they stepped onto the floor, a slower, more intimate one taking its place. Obi-Wan moved close to Master Epergene, managing to squash the urge to look over at his own master for his reaction as Epergene pulled him even closer. "You surprise me, Padawan Kenobi."

"And why is that, Master?"

"I got the distinct impression that your interests lay elsewhere."

"Interests change," Obi-Wan whispered as he moved his hands down Epergene's back, stopping when they hovered just below the small of his back, almost, but not quite going beyond the point of decency for such a public forum.

Qui-Gon drags Obi-Wan out of the room
Qui-Gon walks out alone