Obi-Wan gave his master a level stare. "What is the legal age to drive a hover car throught the Republic?" After a moment, he answered his own question. "Thirteen. And the legal voting age is eighteen. A boy is considered a man when he turns eighteen. I've had the right to drive for seven years and the right to decide who will lead the Republic for three years."

"From birth I was expected to know that being a Jedi was what I wanted. From the age of thirteen I've been at your side, fighting, old enough to make the choice to fight and possibly die to defend justice. At what age, exactly, am I supposed to be old enough to know my own heart?"

When his arguement was met with a moment of silence, Obi-Wan rose with a disgusted snort. "I'll be in the practice room if you come up with an answer."

He had walked only a few steps when the choked call came from behind him. "Obi-Wan!"

A heartbeat passed as he stood there, unmoving, before he turned around. "Yes?"


Silence. Obi-Wan walked back over to his master, still seated on the ground. "Yes?" he repeated.

"I...I might have been...wrong."

"Excuse me?" Obi-Wan held his breath as he waited for confirmation of what he thought he'd heard.

"I might have misjudged your maturity a little."

He sat down next to his master, knees almost touching the older man's. "You agree that I am old enough to know what I want?"

"I believe so, yes."

Hands on his knees, Obi-Wan leaned forward, part of him scarcely believing he was really doing this. "And if I said I wanted you?"

The tip of Qui-Gon's tongue darted out to wet his lips, causing Obi-Wan to have to stifle a groan. "Then I would have to say," Qui-Gon resonded, his voice hoarse, his breath feathering across Obi-Wan's lips mere centimeters away, "that the feeling is mutual."

"Then you won't mind if I do this?" Without another word, Obi-Wan leaned in and kissed his master softly on the lips, holding himself there with little force for a few moments before pulling back to gauge the reaction.

Qui-Gon smiled. "I'll only mind if you stop."

the end
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