Buzz watched as once again his chosen pair split apart. There was just not going to be any teaching these two to be together. They were stubborn as banthas.

With a great sigh, Buzz began following the Big One through the garden, seeing if perhaps he could engineer something with them in the bushes. Ducking in and out, he let them both get glimspes of him. The Small One had stripped off his cloak, hot and swea ty and using Words that One Should Not in polite company. This Buzz looked on as a good sign and he began to lead them both in the direction of a quiet grove, away from other humans.

Just as he was about to have them run into each other a hand came up and picked him up by the scruff of the neck. Drat! {Groowwwlll.}

"Found him, Master Qui-Gon. Come get your pet before I stake him to a tree."

"My apologies, Master Yertha. I have no idea why he keeps coming back here."

And neither do I, Buzz thought despondently. Perhaps he should take up knitting, instead.

"Well, keep him out of here from now on."

"Of course, of course. Padawan!"

The Small One appeared around the corner. He noticed that they stood close to each other, but not Close Enough. This was so frustrating. They refused to be Together when it was Obvious to any sentient being that they should be. Why, even Master Yertha was aware of it, he'd heard her complaining about the looks between them that would scorch the fur off his hide if he was ever caught between them.

This called for a new plan. He'd shred all their clothes the next time they let him out of his box. Watch them try and deny the Truth...Naked.

The End

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