Buzz watched the two Jedi carefully. It had taken weeks of planning to get them to this point. The carefully orchestrated crowding of the Small One's space. The subtle encouragement of the Big One's feelings for the Small One. And the dark Furless Jedi ha d been an excellent unwitting ally in his campaign to make his two Jedi mates.

And they were being so slow about things. The mating dance had gone on for days and days, and, frankly, Buzz had other humans to work on. If these two didn't acquiesce and get together soon, it was going to start tearing at its fur.

It waited patiently until the Small One had spotted him then began climbing further upwards in his chosen tree. Behind it, it could hear the Jedi trying to coax it down with offers of food and later. . .there were threats to follow. Which was of course ex actly what it wanted. With a hiss at the Jedi, it turned and continued up to the small thin branches at the top.

"Obi-Wan, you need to climb up there and get Buzz before he falls and hurts himself."

"Buzz? What about me? He has claws and he's fond of using them on me if you recall."

"Obi-Wan, you have the Force."

As thesmall one began climbing upward, he muttered, "And a dunderhead for a master. Buzz is going come down when he's good and ready and not before. He isn't stuck! Do you ever see their little skeletons in the trees? No, because they climb down!"

Buzz smiled ferally. It was going Well. When Obi-Wan grew closer, it began whining faintly in mock terror.

"Hurry, padawan. Buzz is growing upset."

Another mutter. "I'll show you upset."

"What was that?"

"Yes, he looks defintely upset, master."

"Keep climbing."

Just when the Small One was close enough to actually touch it, Buzz Leaped. A number of things happened in rapid succession: Both the Small One and the Big One cried out, with the Small One leaping after him. Carefully dodging to one side, Buzz turned to see that the Small One had landed on the Big One.

At Last! Now Mating could finally begin. The end of patiently leading one to the other in the middle of the night when few of their cloth coverings were on. The end of tripping the Small One into the Big One's arms. Buzz'd even clawed the Small One in hop es that this would raise a worry in his mate's mind. It had all failed.

This they could not undo or pass off as an accident. Well, it was an accident, but the way that they were making soft sounds to each other and petting...well... It's plans had finally come to fruition. Buzz could consider this a success.

Now it was time to get the Small Green One and the Furless One together. They had such matching temperaments that it should take no time at all.

the end

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