"I'm sorry. I need to find my padawan immediately. Can we speak about whatever it is you want later?"

"No, this cannot wait," she responded. "Your pet of the cycle has gotten loose in Master Yertha's garden again. If you don't go rescue it right now it's going to end up part of tonight's dinner or on the proverbial front stoop."

Qui-Gon stopped.  "Oh dear."

"Exactly. I'll send someone to find your padawan." She disappeared back the way she came in a swirl of brown robes.

With an irritated sigh, he changed course to Yertha's garden. His current pet appeared to most as a feathered and furred bundle of hyperactivity. That usually led to one of two conclusions: One, that he was hopeless at turning down anything remotely cute or two, that he wasn't pleased with what they were serving for dinner and he was growing his own.

He quickly reached Yertha's gardens.  How anyone thought Buzz was loose in here was beyond understanding. The garden was overgrown and crowded with plants of all sorts of colors and sizes. It was going to be impossible to find Buzz, so nicknamed by his padawan for the sound it made at bedtime, in this mess.

As he began to search there was the sound of the door behind him opening again. He turned and there stood Obi-Wan, frowning at him.

"Again, master?"

"Yes, padawan. Again. We don't have to discuss it, just help me look."

"Certainly, master. Together or apart?"

They search together

They search apart.