"I think I'll stay," Obi-Wan said to the other Padawan.

"You can't!" she said. "You'll get in trouble."

"I'll be fine," he answered, and turned away. The senator was smiling at him, holding out another glass of wine, and he took it gratefully. "Thanks."

"My pleasure, young Jedi." The senator gestured to a bench. "Sit, and talk to me."

Obi-Wan sat, his head pounding faintly. "What is it you wish to talk about?"

"Time," the senator answered, "and how it changes. How it twists and turns into the past, and the future."

"You sound like Yoda."

The senator smiled. "A high compliment indeed." They were silent for a few moments. Then, "My family used to be fortune tellers. Shall I tell you your fortune?"

Obi-Wan laughed and swayed dizzily in his seat. The wine was affecting his balance, throwing him off. He could feel the Force ebbing and flowing and beating against him. "Even Yoda can't tell fortunes."

"Don't be so sure," the senator said. "Yes or no?"

Obi says yes

Obi says no