"Padawan, have you completed your lessons for the day?" The way his Master asked, Obi-Wan suspected he knew the answer would be 'no'.

Obi-Wan sighed. "No, Master." It hadn't been for lack of trying. At least, most of the morning it hadn't been.

Qui-Gon didn't have to respond. Obi-Wan closed the comm and looked at Atian.

The other Padawan was looking at him sympathetically. "They're worse than the school's teachers, aren't they?"

Obi-Wan gave him a half-smile. "Actually, I haven't even begun my lessons. So I think I got off lightly."

Atian laughed. "I noticed you didn't tell *him* that."

"He'll find out soon enough, though," Obi-Wan realised, morosely. Especially if what had been distracting him all day continued to do so.

Atian clapped his shoulder. "Wanna sneak out anyway?"

Obi-Wan sneaks out

Obi-Wan stays at the temple