He walked through their quarters on auto-pilot, sparing only half a glance for his Master. Obi-Wan managed to stay aware enough to not trip over his own feet in his single-minded determination to reach his bed.

Obi-Wan was just passing the large window that filled the far wall when he caught his toe on the rug. Stumbling, he reached out his arms to catch himself, but in his dazed state, he only managed to fall worse.

He had time to hear Qui-Gon gasp in horror before he felt the shattering of glass all around him and the sudden empty drop of freefall.

With the ground rushing up beneath him, he turned in mid-air, only to see Qui-Gon standing at the window merely watching him. Arms flailing about, he sucked in a final breath of air before screaming and slamming into the first building he came to.

His scream was still echoing throughout his room when Obi-Wan shot up in his bed. Panting for breath, he clawed at the covers that clung to his sweaty chest.

A light fell into his room, and he saw a figure standing in the doorway. "Master?"

Obi-Wan shook his head, waving his Padawan into the room. "It is nothing, Qui-Gon. Go back to your room and sleep."

Young Qui-Gon looked at his Master for a long moment, as if wondering whether or not to belive him. Nodding, he turned and retreated to his own room.

When he was again alone, Obi-Wan let out a long breath. Running a hand through his shoulder-length hair, he thought back on his dream. Qui-Gon, his Master? He, a Padawan again and in love with him? He shuddered at the thought.

Well... it was better than the dreams of Yoda, naked, that Bruck used to have.

The End

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