Qui-Gon watched with faint amusement as his Padawan came over and lowered himself into a seated position at Qui-Gon's side. He was obviously more asleep than awake, going through the habitual motions that made being a Jedi seem easy and graceful even whe n the Jedi in question was completely exhausted. The routines were trained so well into the Jedi for many reasons, that being only one.

But it meant that Obi-Wan settled beside him gracefully and without conscious thought as he closed his eyes. Qui-Gon suspected the pose of meditation was actually sleep, and for a moment he considered nudging the younger man and sending him off to bed.

Then he looked again at the face so peaceful and composed. It was beautiful. Obi-Wan was beautiful.

Qui-Gon let the vestiges of his own meditative state drift away as he watched Obi-Wan's breathing even out and still to nearly nothing. Qui-Gon wished for a moment that he might raise his hand and touch that face. But -- as always -- he did not move.

The End

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