Obi-Wan shook his head. "I had better go." He began to say more, when Bant grinned suddenly.

"You just don't want to spend the night away from him, do you?"

He glared fiercly at her, in the way that only a good friend can do. Since she was correct, and he didn't want to admit it out loud, he said nothing. He stood up and headed for the door, ignoring how Bant just laughed softly behind him.

"Good night, Obi-Wan," she said in a gentler, and understanding tone.

He stopped at the doorway, his hand resting on the frame, and glanced back. "Goodnight, Bant."

When he stepped out into the hallway, he felt the tiredness lift slightly. He turned towards his and Qui-Gon's quarters, and walked slowly towards them. The exercise cleared the tiredness even further, though he knew all he need do was sit for a few moments and it would be back. The thought of falling asleep was a pleasant one. Despite the failure to have solved his problem, and the knowledge that it would be looming once again when he woke, the prospect of a long, uninterrupted sleep sounded glorious.

He found himself thinking of it, being asleep, curled in his bed, and grew more sleepy as he neared his quarters. The power of suggestion, and exhaustion, was so strong that by the time he palmed the door open he was almost walking in his sleep. As he e ntered, he heard a vague greeting in the familiar voice of his master, and smiled. "Hello, Master," he returned, yawning and removing his outer robe. He hung it up with a tiny flick of the Force, then walked over to where his Master was sitting.

Obi-Wan sits down beside Qui-Gon

Obi-Wan goes directly to bed.