Obi-Wan steeled himself, and opened the door. Qui-Gon was not in the outer chamber, but Obi-Wan could hear his voice coming from his room. He headed towards the door, no longer trying to talk himself into or out of saying what he needed to say.

The door was closed, but the locks were not engaged. Obi-Wan wasn't about to barge in, despite knowing Qui-Gon would probably not mind. Courtesy had been one of the first lessons drummed into his skull, as a Jedi. Obi-Wan raised his hand to knock, and heard the other voice.

"Qui-Gon, this is wonderful."

It was Master Sharn, an old and very dear friend of Qui-Gon's. In the last few years, his Master had never failed to visit the other Jedi whenever he had a chance. Obi-Wan paused before knocking, wondering if he should wait until Sharn had departed.

"Then you will accept?"

Obi-Wan had never heard Qui-Gon speak in quite that tone, before. Swallowing nervously against the worry that had suddenly appeared, Obi-Wan waited, listening.

"I will! I had nearly decided you weren't ever going to ask. Qui-Gon, you're finally making a respectable Jedi of me!" Sharn laughed, and Qui-Gon laughed with him, softly.

Obi-Wan turned, and ran from the room.

The End

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