Obi-Wan stood outside the door for another moment. If Qui-Gon were here, after having made very certain that Obi-Wan knew he would not be available today... either something was wrong, or Qui-Gon wanted his privacy. Obi-Wan knew he could go in and risk disturbing him, or he could go and talk to his Master, later.

After another moment's hesitation, he turned and walked away. He headed instead down to the gym, and proceeded to do everything he could to clear his mind.

An hour before the evening meal was served, he returned to his quarters. Qui-Gon was just coming out when Obi-Wan approached.

He had acheived a degree of determination, during his workouts. Yoda's advice aside, he knew he could not find peace within himself if he did not speak of his feelings. Whether they were returned, or acted upon, or not -- Obi-Wan could not foresee letting go of the love he felt. He opened his mouth to ask Qui-Gon if they could go back inside, and talk. "Master, I-"

Qui-Gon interrupted. "Obi-Wan, collect your things. We are being sent on a mission."

Obi-Wan nodded. They would talk, afterwards. A mission was no place for revelations of this sort. "To where, Master?"

"A panet called Naboo."

The End

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