Obi-Wan thanked Master Yoda for his time and his advice. Then he left, head down in consideration. He had never before felt that Yoda's advice could be wrong, and he wasn't sure it was, now.

But hearing him say that Obi-Wan should *not* tell Qui-Gon.... Despite his own reservations and hesitations, there was still the desire that his Master know. Know, of course, and return the feelings.

But Yoda had as much as said he would not find peace if he went to Qui-Gon. Did that mean Qui-Gon did *not* return his feelings? Or that he did, but the relationship would not be an easy one?

Or that it would not occur?

There were no rules against such relationships among the Jedi, but they rarely happened. Obi-Wan had no idea how Qui-Gon personally felt about such things....

Obi-Wan raised his head, suddenly realising where he'd walked to. Unconsciously guided, his feet had brought him to his and Qui-Gon's quarters. His hand was poised to open the door, when he hesitated. He could feel his Master's presence within the quarters -- but Qui-Gon had indicated he would be gone, today.

Obi-Wan goes inside.

Obi-Wan leaves.