Yoda nodded as if he'd expected Obi-Wan's admission. Obi-Wan frowned, worried. But the Jedi Master spoke calmly. "Seen you, I have, with your Master. Know the looks, I do. Seen it before."

So this wasn't unheard of -- Obi-Wan wasn't sure if he found that reassuring or not. As long as it didn't turn out he were being so transparent that everyone knew how he felt. "Master Yoda--"

"Worried, you should not be. Nor embarrassed, should you be."

Obi-Wan looked down at the floor, feeling his cheeks warming despite Yoda's words. "Does... he knows, doesn't he?" If he were so obvious to Yoda....

"That, I do not know. Ask him, you could."

Now he really was blushing. "You're saying I should talk to him about it? Tell him... how I feel?"

There was a pause before Yoda replied, "You could."

Something made Obi-Wan look back up and try to read the inscrutable expression on the Jedi Master's face. "But you don't recommend it?"

Yoda watched him for a moment, then seemed to sigh, very softly. "If knowledge you seek, then yes, tell him you could. Troubled, your heart is. Speak to him, you could."

"But?" Obi-Wan could hear the undercurrents of something else in the apparent counsel to approach his Master.

"Knowledge you seek, ease your heart it will not."

Obi-Wan stared at the Master in mild shock. It almost sounded as if.... "Master Yoda, are you saying I shouldn't speak to him about this?"

"Saying I am, that peace you seek, find it you will not if follow you this path."

"What if it isn't peace I'm looking for?" Obi-Wan surprised himself with the question. Surely it had been peace he wanted. Peace from the turmoil of his emotions, and not knowing what to do about them. But not speaking of it at all to his Master sounded like....

"These feelings you have. Pass, they will, if let go of them, you do."

Obi-Wan felt his heart sinking.

Obi-Wan takes Master Yoda's advice

Obi-Wan doesn't take Master Yoda's advice