Qui-Gon didn't think to breathe, be was too concentrated on listening for any reply his Padawan might make.

Seconds turned into long minutes, and the silence only continued. He shook Obi-Wan's shoulders. /Obi-Wan?/ He searched Obi-Wan's face, feeling frantically along their bond with the Force. Nothing. No response, no sound. He closed his eyes in denial. When he opened them again . . . No Obi-Wan.

Qui-Gon stood suddenly, looking around the room. He shook his head and look at his hands. Obi-Wan had just been right there . . . Where, what, how? Endless questions swirled through his mind.

He searched their quarters, denial raging in his mind and his heart. Obi-Wan simply couldn't have disappeared from his arms. Not when they were so close. He knew how Obi-Wan felt, Obi-Wan was about to realize that he too felt the same way. Now he was gone.

Rushing out of their quarters, Qui-Gon stopped suddenly. Instead of the hallway of the Temple, he found himself in a dark, cramped earthen cave. Turning around, the door to their quarters had disappeared. Only the solid wall of a cave remained.

Uncertain feet carried him forward, toward a distant source of light.

However, after no more than a few steps, he heard a voice call out to him from the dark depths behind him. He looked over his shoulder, and again at the light. Which direction was the right direction?

Go toward the light.

Go toward the voice.