The lure of feeling that dark power gushing into him was too great. Obi-Wan tossed aside the protective sheath and rolled over, completely under the sway of the Sith, and grateful for the lack of control. He was too aroused to even contemplate fighting any further.

The Senator spread his legs and stretched out on top of him, lifting his hips just as the swollen, searing hot organ he had been stroking ploughed into him. He shrieked and writhed, and the Sith pounded him with gleeful cries.

Just as Obi-Wan approached his much-needed climax, the sound of a door breaking and a furious roar filled his ears. The Sith leaped off him and was facing the intruder before Obi-Wan could struggle up into a sitting position, but he already knew who it was. His Master had come to his rescue at last.

Sure enough, he saw Qui-Gon, his snarl illuminated by the green glow of his lightsaber, facing the naked Senator. Qui-Gon dodged a ball of lightning, then lunged forward and neatly skewered the Sith Lord. The Senator's body hit the floor with a damp thud, and Qui-Gon extinguished his lightsaber. A moment later the room lights came up, and as Qui-Gon stared at him, Obi-Wan realized that he was still naked and highly aroused. He stared back at his Master, torn between shame at his condition and the currents of lust that still flowed through him.

Obi-Wan attempts to seduce Qui-Gon

Obi-Wan blushes and covers himself