"Oh, yes, my Master," he replied joyfully. He shifted beneath Qui-Gon until he could wrap his arms around Qui-Gon's neck.

Qui-Gon kissed him again, then looked at him seriously. "There is only one problem. I married Mace Windu this morning."

Obi-Wan stared back at him. "You married Master Windu?"

"Don't worry, I'm sure Yoda will grant us a divorce."

He frowned. "I don't know. You know how conservative Master Yoda is."

"True." Qui-Gon looked glum.

"But don't worry." Obi-Wan brightened, and he took hold of the lightsaber Qui-Gon had dropped on the bed, fingering it significantly. "We can always seek an annulment. If you know what I mean."

Qui-Gon grinned, a gleam in his eye. "I like the way you think, Padawan. I like the way you think."

The End

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