Hands trembling from the intensity of his arousal, Obi-Wan rolled the slick barrier over the Senator's throbbing shaft. He knew the experience would not be as satisfying if he could not feel the hot spurts inside him, but his fear of the man's words won out.

The Sith grunted with satisfaction and turned Obi-Wan over onto his belly. A moment later, Obi-Wan grunted, too, as the Senator breached the entrance to his body without preamble. The man began thrusting hard and fast, and Obi-Wan clutched at the sheets and arched upwards with deep groans, powerless to do anything except hang on as he was fucked. Pleasure spread through the burning ache in his body and intensified it until he cried out with every thrust.

Then the jolts became sharper, and the pleasure faded. His cries turned to howls of agony as the burning grew until his entire body felt like it was on fire. The Sith howled in ecstasy and pounded a fierce orgasm into his soft ass. Obi-Wan screamed.


Palpatine recovered from his climax and, panting, looked down in disgust at the smoking remains of the young man he had been fucking. Bolts of purple electricity still crackled through the ashes. Jedi just weren't as hardy as they used to be, one hardly got any wear out of them at all. Then he looked down at his softening cock, and the remnants of the prophylactic hanging from it, and realized the problem. "Damn cheap condoms," he muttered, cleaning himself off. "Always breaking."

Then he lit a cigarette from one of the still-smoldering embers and lay back to enjoy the afterglow.

The End

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