He turned back, agonized. She was looking at him with soulful brown eyes... no, they were not brown, but rather the most intense lavender he had ever seen. He took a step toward her. "Bertha... you're so beautiful," he breathed.

She lowed at him sexily, and he fell to his knees by her side. Running his hands along her flanks, he sighed with pleasure. Her hide was so soft and silky, he wanted to rub his entire body against it. She was the most alluring water buffalo he had ever encountered. "Oh, Bertha."


Much later, he leaned against her side, smoking a cigarette he had rolled from some interestingly-shaped leaves growing in the corner of Bertha's pen. "Oh, Bertha," he sighed again, voice heavy with satisfaction.

The door to the enclosure banged open and the Senator strode in, clutching a video tape and still buttoning his shorts. "Oh, that was spectacular! Absolutely spectacular! I saw every delicious moment-and I got it all on tape!" He waved the cassette enthusiastically. Obi-Wan suspected he ought to be outraged by the violation of their private interlude, but he was feeling far too mellow. "You're going to be smash hits on my underground exotic entertainment ring. I'll even cut you both in on the profit."

"Groovy," Obi-Wan said, taking another drag on his joint. Bertha nuzzled him and rumbled a contented agreement.

The End

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