Although he could not help cringing as he said it, Obi-Wan steadfastly replied, "I would rather have sex with a water buffalo than with you."

The Senator sighed and shrugged. "Very well, then. Enjoy yourselves."

Obi-Wan soon found himself locked into the enclosure with the buffalo. He ignored it while he searched for a means of escape, but he could feel its mournful gaze on him. At last he gave up, realizing that he was still too weak.

He sat down on the ground and glared at the buffalo. "I'm not having sex with you," he told it bluntly. The water buffalo informed him in no certain terms that that was fine with her, and Obi-Wan blinked in surprise. He had almost forgotten those childhood lessons on talking to animals, but he could hear her quite clearly now.

The water buffalo, as it happened, was named Bertha. She was getting on in years, and had lived a happy life until recently. The Zookeeper had obtained her in a transfer program with the Alderaanian Zoological Park, and he had subjected her to watching his sick lusts in the zoo after dark ever since. Why, she could tell him stories-

"That's okay," Obi-Wan said hastily, already feeling nauseated. They talked for a while and soon became fast friends. "Do you know any way out of here?" Obi-Wan asked at last, when he had recovered some of his strength.

She did. The back fence had a small gap at the bottom of it. She could never fit through it, but he might just make it. He looked at the gap doubtfully, wishing for his lightsaber, then back at her. A pang of guilt struck him. She had been so kind to him; how could he abandon her to the Sith?

Obi-Wan makes his escape

Obi-Wan stays with Bertha