Obi-Wan realised he had definitely made a mistake. He wasn't quite clear-headed enough to get himself out of it, however, without causing more problems. He wasn't sure the Senator would be insulted if he refused the invitation to... whatever it was he was being invited to.

The Senator was watching him, a curiously bland smile on his face. But he was growing impatient, too, Obi-Wan could feel. It was muddled, of course, and had there been anyone else nearby Obi-Wan felt he would have been unable to determine whose impatience it was. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts.

"Young Jedi?"

Obi-Wan looked up at the question. "Yes?" His instincts were trying to tell him something, something urgent, he realised. But he couldn't figure out what.


The words were compelling, and Obi-Wan's earlier refusal seemed to fade from his memory. He took a step forward -- then stopped. "I--" What was it, again? Why shouldn't he go?

"Come!" The words were harsher, and seemed to grind against his temples.

He found himself taking another step forward, then he fumbled, grasping out for something to hold him upright. "Master?"

Something grabbed his hand, and Obi-Wan stumbled. It was cold, almost icy around his wrist and he shivered. A sharp sensation of fear ripped through him and he tried to pull himself away.

"No," he began, but the Senator just sneered down at him. Obi-Wan gathered all his strength, but a great weight seemed to press down upon him. That, and the muzziness from the drinks he'd had, conspired to drag him down. He could no longer remember why he was resisting.

Obi-Wan fights back.

Obi-Wan surrenders.