His hand slid down the length of Obi-Wan's body, bringing him to an abrupt, aching hardness. He moaned softly, and the Sith laughed again, then pulled back. Obi-Wan whimpered at the withdrawal of the addictive touch. With a deft motion, the Senator released him from the remaining bindings. Obi-Wan sighed, but made no other motion. He knew he was mesmerized, out of control and in tremendous danger, but he was utterly incapable of caring.

The hands returned once more, this time blessedly stripping the clothes from his body. He raised a langorous arm to allow the Senator to pull his tunic free, and lifted his hips to let his leggings slide off. The fingers that brushed his hips set off a fire between them, and he arched his back. Only one thing could quench the burning deep inside him, and he would beg for it, if he had to.

The Senator, Sith though he was, did not seem inclined to make him beg, this time. As soon as the last of his clothing was off, the Senator stood, and Obi-Wan heard the rustling of robes falling to the ground. The bed dipped again, and heat radiated against his side from flesh very close to his own. His hand reached out of its own accord, groping to find that heat. The Senator took his hand and guided it to the half-hard flesh in his lap. "Ah, yes," the man said approvingly as Obi-Wan clasped him and began to move his fist up and down the shaft. No matter how hard the Senator became, Obi-Wan grew even harder. "How good it will be to push this into your sweet young flesh."

"Oh," Obi-Wan said, fully understanding for the first time that he was about to let a Sith Lord fuck him. "Yes."

"Now, my pretty pet, you have a choice," the Sith Lord said. He removed Obi-Wan's hand from his hard length and pressed something into his palm. Obi-Wan rubbed it between his fingers curiously. Slick material in the shape of a prophylactic, but not of the usual kind. It made his fingers tingle, and he realized it was somehow Force-reactive. "You know the power I have. I can share that power with you. There is danger, but you would find it most rewarding. Or, just slip this onto me, and you will be safe, albeit less satisfied--and less powerful in the end."

Obi-Wan opts for safer sex

Obi-Wan goes bareback